Good Shepherd

Always FREE
Since 1983

To Educate & Motivate
- not "entertain" -
HIS Character Matters

of the
Good Shepherd

Human Trafficking & Slavery
Don't Just Happen
(Jesus said in Mark 7:21-23)

Would a "good" God design
"survival of the fittest"
as His WAY?
(Isaiah 65:25)

Rights - Any discussion about human rights (slavery, oppression) or animal rights (cruelty, abuse) must first address our Creator's rights. He has the right to command how we treat both His people and His animals.

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Suzy service-dog genius

Responsibilities - Jesus said the root cause of suffering in this world is a distorted view of and/or the rejection of the true WAY of our Creator. (John 8:1-59)


"Squirt" the Otter

Mistakes - Man's self-serving, misguided, mischaracterizations of God have historically led to personal and cultural conflict, corruption, and collapse.

Hope - Discovering the WHO?, the WHY?, and the "WAY"? of origins is the foundation for true transformation.

Mike's "service-frog"

Therapy Zorse & Zeedonk

Change - Truly lasting change for individuals and cultures must begin at the cornerstone - the Creator of creation.

Formal"Boatie" - Lizaboa

"Then I looked again
at all the acts of oppression
which were being done
under the sun.
And behold I saw
the tears
of the oppressed
and that they had
no one to comfort them;
and on the side of their
oppressors was power,
but they had
no one to comfort them."
Ecclesiastes 4:1

Wild Rory - paralyzed by a gun shot in back, yet grateful for loving care


L'l River raccoon


Brother Tom

Animal-Assisted GSI

Scotty my service dog
assistant :-)

Missing the old days

Proverbs 31 wife

Old friends Jean & Panya meet my daughter

Jean meets her keeper's son

Mandy - who saved my life

My every morning greeters Akela & Akela

Sheva -my PTSD leopard




Banu - my favorite comedian

Ali - my old leopard friend

Zoe - disabled squirrel
born with no tail / only 3 feet

Scotty meets his first gator

Suzy protecting her rescued puppy & frisbee













Good Shepherd Initiative

Always free since 1983

Free Animal-Assisted Ministry
to encourage families & students,
(sheep) in a world full of suffering
too often due to predatory people

God's WAY is not "survival of the fittest".

Please stand FOR vulnerable, oppressed, abused people and animals, plus AGAINST  the predators and parasites that prey on them.

* I'm in the process of completely restructuring this personal website, in order to correct and update the focus and content. But it might take awhile since I'm not a web developer, which is obvious from my struggling attempts to create and manage this FREE NON-PROFIT educational site for years :-)

Sid Galloway
Just an OLD absent-minded sheepdog
of our Good Shepherd Creator Christ

Genesis 1:1
Communicating conclusions from 100's of PhD scholars (& children)
Supporting the authority of His Word & the consistency of His character

Animal Rights? Human Rights? Disabilities? Racism? Oppression? Slavery? Cruelty?
What about God's right to command compassion for all of His creatures?


STUDENTS & TEACHERS: Here is the HANDOUT-OUTLINE for my talks March 18-19, 2015.
* Here is the UPDATED POWER POINT in PDF, with 100's of slides, quotes, and evidences. It highlights scholars including the inventor of the MRI Dr. Damadian, the inventor of the Gene Gun at Cornell Dr. Sanford, and many others representing the 1,000's of PhD's who recognize the serious problems with macroevolutionary theory.

STUDENTS who attended the MANDEVILLE HIGH discussion after school Feb 12, 2015, (CLICK HERE) for verifications of my statements that were challenged.


Ask the animals, and they will teach you,
.... Which of all these does not know
that the hand of the LORD has done this?
Job 12:7-9 (Rom 1:20; John 10:10-11)

"The LORD enters into judgment
against the elders and leaders of his people:
It is you who have ruined my vineyard;
the plunder from the poor is in your houses.
What do you mean by crushing my people
and grinding the faces of the poor?'
declares the Lord, the LORD Almighty."
Isaiah 3:14-15

Just an OLD sheepdog
of our Good Shepherd Creator, CHRIST

Mr Galloway's Wildlife Rescue-Zoo Classroom



Classroom View - Biology = the study of LIFE

NCZOOClassroom View - Biology = the study of LIFE!

Scotty Dog
Scotty - our classroom therapy dog

Wildlife Rescue-Zoo Classroom

The Good Shepherd will lead you through any trial,
if you will follow in humility.

PURPOSE? As an absent-minded professor, this personal website developed over the years simply as a place to store (remember/retrieve) my own devotional research, thoughts, gratitude, and awe for our Creator/Rescuer/Lord - Christ Jesus. It has also served as a free educational resource supplement for my students, and for families experiencing long-term struggles similar to my own familily. It is also for those who want to help other suffering souls - not only suffering people but also our Creator's nephesh animals. Possibly some of my rambling ruminations in this site might deepen and strenghten your own personal relationship with Him as you actively serv\e others His Way - for His Honor.


lisaReducing cruelty, restoring broken lives, exposing deception, helping seekers find the Truth (John 14:6) in an age of uncertainty, requires repairing the only foundational cornerstone on which to rebuild - His Way (Isaiah 53:6).  The cornerstone must be the consistent character of our Creator, as He has revealed Himself to be - the Good Shepherd.  For God has clearly made known that the fullness of His care extends to all of His “nephesh” creatures that He originally designed to live in peaceful harmony - all creatures great and small - both nephesh animals and especially people. (Lev 17:13-14; Pro 12:10)

God's priority repeated throughout His written Word (graphae) and seen most clearly through His only begotten Son, Jesus (John 1:1-5; John 1:18) is clear. It is His concern for the weak, vulnerable, and oppressed who suffer spiritually and physically at the hands of predatory people. This is the Good Shepherd's biblically-revealed priority, therefore consistent compassion is the only accurate reflection of His glory (Heb 1:1-3; Isaiah 1:23).



Scotty our service Dog

Now this is more comfortable :-)

grand canyon
CanyonMinistries.COM Expedition
(with my son David when he was 12)

A consistent "Worldview" must begin at
"the beginning" with questions involving both
theology and science:
(Survival of the Fittest worldview)


(Good Shepherd worldview)

Dr. Norman Nevin PhD Professor Emeritus 
Medical Genetics, Queen's University
No coherent, cohesive theology has yet been offered
that would allow Christians to embrace evolution with integrity.
has uncovered a great deal of empirical evidence
that is challenging the Darwinian paradigm.
then do so many want to embrace it?
It appears that the only possible reason is the fear
of appearing intellectually inferior to the academic consensus.” 
p. 220

The textbooks I use for my various science classes are excellent, SECULAR (Non-Christian) resources providing some of the finest overviews of "operational/observational" biological science available today. However, being SECULAR (Non-Christian) textbooks, their presentation of "historical/origins" science presents an atheistic, macroevolutionary worldview. This is actually good, since it allows our students the opportunity to exercise logikos, critical thinking while evaluating the evidence for a macroevolutionary vs. a Good Shepherd worldview of life origins. To facilitate this critical thinking, we integrate research from world renowned scientists that are also courageously biblical, Christian/Creationists standing against censorship and peer-pressure persecution to speak the truth about our Creator and His Good Shepherd character.  They include:

- inventor of the MRI, Dr. Raymond Damadian MD
- inventor of the Gene Gun at Cornell, professor John Sanford PhD
- inventor of the geophysics model at Los Alamos, Dr. Baumgardner PhD
- respected PhD geologists Snelling, Austin, Silvestru, Thomson, ...
- respected PhD physicists & astrophysicists McIntosh, Hartnett/Humphreys/Lisle, Faulkner, ...
- respected PhD biologists/geneticists/chemists Menton, Jeanson, Tomkins, Truman, Nevin, Barnard, Lumsden, Eirich, Kenyon, ...

* There are actually 1,000's of PhD scientists from all fields,
who accept natural selection (micro-evolution - the selection of existing genes), but reject macroevolution through mutations.

See - Logos Research Associates
See also -
See also -

See also -
See also -

* Who impresses you?
After decades interviewing top scholars of science, philosophy, and theology, plus examining their research and conclusions, there is one person who alone impresses me. His-story and teachings reveal him to be the greatest scholar alive today.  In fact, evidence demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt that he is far more than a mere scholar.  He is our Creator, Christ, the only Self-existent "I AM" YHWH as predicted for thousands of years in 100's of detailed prophecies - His name is JESUS (Yeshua, meaning "God-Savior").
His wisdom is profound enough for any PhD, yet simple enough for any child.

"... the disciples came to him privately, saying, "Tell us, when will these things be, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?"  And Jesus answered them, "Beware that no one deceive you .... many false prophets will arise and lead many astray ... lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold
.... then the end will come
." Matthew 24:3-14

"Beware that no one takes you captive
through philosophy and empty deception,
according to the traditions of men,
according to the elementary principles of this world,
and not according to Christ."
Colossians 2:8

"In the first place,
the proponents of competing paradigms
[scientific worldviews]
will often disagree about the list of problems
that any candidate for paradigm must resolve.
Their standards or their definitions of science are not the same."
Thomas Kuhn
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
p. 148 University of Chicago Press

God's priority is to protect, rescue, and restore those who are weak and vulnerable both physically and spiritually. Often forgotten is the fact that spiritual deception and abuse is far more devastating than physical. This sad reality is true not only for individuals personally, but even for whole cultures corporately - affecting future generations.

Children, women, and men are being oppressed spiritually and physically by predatory power players here in America & across the world. This escalating problem of "survival of the cruelest" at the expense of the weak in society should be a top priority of ours just as it is for God.
(Psalm 82:3-4; Jude 3-4)

God's Way = Using yourself to meet the needs of others
Man's Way = Using others to get the desires of self
(survival of the fittest, selfish competition, suffering, fear, and death)

"If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food,
and one of you says to them, “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,”
but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body,
what does it profit?
Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead."
James 2:15-17

"But whoever has this world’s goods,
and sees his brother in need,
and shuts up his heart from him,
how does the love of God abide in him?
My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue,
but in deed and in truth."
1 John 3:17-18

Children & animals have a lot in common?

(In memory of my leopard friend Mandy - who saved my life)
(Yes students, that's Mandy & me over 30 years ago - only gray hair now)



Both are
to abuse
by people in power.


Yawning is contagious . . . so are cruelty & compassion

"Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this:
to visit [to personally help] orphans and widows in their suffering,
and to keep oneself unstained from the world [system].
James 1:27

"A Father to the fatherless, a Defender of widows,
is God in his holy dwelling."
Psalm 68:5

Cruel is becoming culturally cool

The WAY of "selfishness" subtly saturates every aspect of society.

People are being abused & enslaved like sheep by predators,
especially wolves in shepherd disguises - parasitic pastors.

The Good Shepherd said:
"... whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin,
it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea
." (Matthew 18:6)

The way of the Anti-Shepherd
(the way of "survival of the fittest") . . .

. . . has replaced Judeo-Christian values:
(the way of the Good Shepherd)
- the way of the Cross

The worldview of "survival of the fittest"
is spiritual deception, which always leads to disorder, dysfunction, devolution, and death.

Think - Would a "good" God have designed violent competition as His WAY?

The Good Shepherd
is the perfect protector - not the pinnacle predator

"... With righteousness He will judge the needy,
with justice he will give decisions for the poor of the earth
. . . .
... the wolf will lay down with the lamb
... and a little child will lead them

... the lion will eat straw like the ox ....

... they will not hurt or destroy in all my Holy Mountain,
for the Earth will be full of the knowledge of the LORD."
Isaiah 11:6-10

The "image" of our GOOD Shepherd Creator-RESCUER
is seen throughout His creation and His creatures,
like this monkey trying to save his little puppy friend.
(yet creation is now infected with sin, separation, & suffering)

"Vindicate the weak and fatherless;
Do justice to the afflicted and destitute.
Rescue the weak and needy;
Deliver out of the hand of the wicked.”
Psalm 82:3-4