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Would a "good" God design
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Grand Canyon Expedition
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Rights - Any discussion about human rights (slavery, oppression) or animal rights (cruelty, abuse) must first address our Creator's rights. He has the right to command how we treat both His people and His animals.


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Responsibilities - Jesus said the root cause of suffering in this world is a distorted view of and/or the rejection of the true WAY of our Creator. (John 8:1-59)

Mistakes - Man's self-serving, misguided, mischaracterizations of God have historically led to personal and cultural conflict, corruption, and collapse.

Hope - Discovering the WHO?, the WHY?, and the "WAY"? of origins is the foundation for true transformation.

Change - Truly lasting change for individuals and cultures must begin at the cornerstone - the Creator of creation.

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"Then I looked again
at all the acts of oppression
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under the sun.
And behold I saw the tears
of the oppressed
and that they had no one
to comfort them;
and on the side
of their oppressors was power,
but they had no one
to comfort them."

Ecclesiastes 4:1


OLD BIOLOGY 2010-2011

Grades 9-10 Honors & Onlevel

*students use "Current" Year
*students use "Current" Year


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Genesis 1:1

Communicating conclusions
from 100's of PhD scholars (& children)
Supporting the authority of His Word & the consistency of His character

Human Rights? Slavery? - Animal Rights? Cruelty?
What about God's right to command compassion for all of His creatures?

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Each new UNIT will be uploaded by DATE below as the year unfolds . . .

DOWN at the bottom, after the LISTED UNITS, you'll find FUN personal background stuff & interesting supplementary materials.

** REQUIRED: BIOLOGY SYLLABUS/Grading Policy/Discipline
- The last page must be signed by Parent/student & returned to me
(This syllabus explains everything about the course & teaching agenda)

Click here for INSTRUCTIONS to the NCS RENWEB Grade Reports, etc

Just an OLD sheepdog of the Good Shepherd

NCS Biology 9-10th Grade

Studying God's World in Light of His Word
A Foundational Biological Science Course

Note the course outline is similar to Life Science,
yet with much greater depth and breadth of content, including:

Veterinary Medical Application
Ethological Ethics / Outdoor Education
(The study of life from the worldview of a Good Creator)

* * PARENTS, please create a "BIOLOGY" folder on your home computer, then have your student download and save a digital copy of every document that I'll be linking on this webpage as the year unfolds - unit by unit.
- if he/she "miss places" handouts, a back up will be accessible on your PC.
- Unit notes will be uploaded in order by date below, as the year unfolds.
(Unit assignments are found down below, after you scroll past discussion items.)

* If needed , get the FREE PowerPoint files & PDF file viewers below.

PowerPoint Viewer  Adobe PDF Viewer


Mr G's Personal Philosophy of Education
(NOT required - only read it if you're curious)
(NOT required - only read it if you're curious)


What is the source for accurate knowledge?
(Latin: scientia / Greek: gnosis)

GSI Focus for 2010-2011 and the future . . .

* Please note - I'll be teaching a heavy load this year at NCS (7 classes). So my "extra" volunteer ministry efforts will be limited to a focus on God's priority to protect, rescue, and restore truly weak & vulnerable people. More & more are being oppressed and abused by predatory power players here in America & across the world. This escalating problem of "survival of the most powerful" at the expense of the weak in society, now overshadows every other burden in my heart - and His (Psalm 82:3-4). Please, find a way that you can help the Good Shepherd's abused & desperate lambs.

- Therefore, I'll not have time or money for wildlife rehabilitation.
- I'll have only limited time for basic counseling of families.
(NOTE: Most counseling issues would fade away if families turned their focus off of self and worked to rescue & restore the truly abused.)
- I'll not have as much time to travel & present seminars on:
... creation vs. survival of the fittest, family counseling & counselor-training,
theology/biblical studies, ... etc.
** Even though my schedule now limits my time to address each of these needs, they are all still important problems today. So some of you & your churches could step up and do your part as commanded in the His Word. Remember, His true churches are not "christian" social clubs or entertainment centers. His true ekklesias should be hospitals for the hurting and educational centers for those eager to learn and grow in His character of self-sacrificial love and holiness.
* See the "Recommended Organizations" for other speakers, counselors, who can provide training / materials that I cannot.

Thanks, Sid

    In both psychology and biology, the non-physical “nephesh/psyche” (soul and its relationships) cannot be quantified like tangible, physical variables.  Therefore, understanding the nephesh of a person or an animal requires intimate, relational knowledge of that particular species. In fact, to "know" an individual creature necessitates far more. The failure to take this crucial fact into account has historically led to reductionistic conclusions resulting in horrors like vivisection, abusive experimentation, macroevolutionary racism, and many other inhumane beliefs and policies.





1. Science and the Scientific Method (Modern Biology textbook - Intro & Ch 1)
Bio-Logic: The logikos complementary fit of scientific & scriptural (critical) thinking.
** Both teach that we are to think logically and believe based on evidence.
** Origins Science vs. Observational / Operational Science
** Indirect Science vs. Direct Science
2. Origins Science: The Significance & Evidence for Creation vs. Macro-Evolution
Life Defined and Described (Nephesh vs. Non-Nephesh) (Biology vs. Thanatology)
3. Classification: Cladistics vs. Baraminology (Ch 14-18)


1. Basic Chemistry / Biochemistry (Ch 2-3)
2. Cell Form and Function / Homeostasis and Transport (Ch 4-5)
3. Photosynthesis / Cellular Respiration (Ch 6-7)
4. Comprehensive Review of Semester One (Mid-Year Exam)



1. Review of Bio-Logic and the Scientific Method
2. Cell Reproduction (Ch 8)
3. Genetics and Inheritance (Chs 9-13)
4. ON-LEVEL CLASSES - (Additional study of inconsistencies in the evolutionary hypothesis that mutations create new genetic information)
(Advanced Evaluation of Macroevolution's Mythical Mutation Mechanism for Genome Generation)
- Using a newly developed computer model, Mendel's Accountant, created by:
* Dr. John Sanford (Cornell University)
* Dr. John Baumgardner (retired from Los Alamos Nat'l Labs, now with ICR)
* as well as Drs. Brewer, Gibson, ReMine
* (See the links and further explanation below at the "genetics" unit)


1. Microbiology / Fungi (Chs 24-28)
2. P
lants (Chs 29-33)
3. Zoology (Invertebrates and Vertebrates Chs 34-45)
4. Ecology (Eden - Earth - Heaven) (Chs 19-23)
* Comprehensive Review of the Year (Final Exam

BIO-MATH Synergy:
Please beware of its limitations . . .

    In this course, we will work toward the mastery of methods that are vital to research, involving the integration of biology and mathematics, such as:

* SI Units / Conversions
* Scientific Notation / Calculations
* Genetic Probabilities, especially population genetics.
* Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
* Chi-Square Hypothesis Testing
* "Mendel's Accountant" Pop. Genetics Computer Simulation
* Genetic Probabilities, especially population genetics using the computer program, "MENDEL'S ACCOUNTANT" developed by John Sanford PhD of Cornell, John Baumgardner PhD of Los Alamos, et al, showing the improbability of the belief that mutations as a mechanism could produce sufficient new DNA information to produce new "kinds" of organisms

"Mendel's Accountant" Internet Links:
- Darwinian Failure in Light of Mendel's Accountant", by Dr. Sanford
J. Sanford, J. Baumgardner, W. Brewer, P. Gibson, and W. Remine. Mendel's Accountant: A biologically realistic forward-time population genetics program. SCPE. 8(2), July 2007, pp. 147-165.
- J. Sanford, J. Baumgardner, W. Brewer, P. Gibson, and W. Remine. Using computer simulation to understand mutation accumulation dynamics and genetic load, in Y. Shi et al. (eds.), ICCS 2007,  Part II, LNCS 4488, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, pp. 386-392.

The Computer Program and Manuals
- Mendel's Accountant Website
- Mendel's Accountant Manual (PDF Format)
- Mendel's Accountant Article (PDF Format)



Mr. Galloway's Digital Microscopy QX5

- Where to get a QX5 and why you'll love it
- What you can do with it and how to use it
- Photos / video clips of class digital labs





Click to download glossaries and take practice tests online
at the above textbook site.

Textbook - "MODERN BIOLOGY" - Content Disclaimer:

This textbook, like all human works, is not perfect.  It contains some material that is out of date and some that has been proven wrong.  Also, since it is not a “Christian” text it also contains worldview statements, especially regarding philosophy of life and historical science that are inconsistent with a biblical worldview.   Most people do not realize that “science” is not as objective as some scientists proclaim it to be.  Some, even some non-Christian scientists, admit the fact that “scientific” claims are often just traditional beliefs held to by the current majority.

As warned by John Mattick, PhD, professor of molecular biology at the University of Queensland and director of the Institute for Molecular Bioscience.  “The Hidden Genetic Program of Complex Organisms”, Scientific American, October 2004, p. 61:

Assumptions can be dangerous, especially in science.  They usually start as the most plausible or comfortable interpretation of the available facts.  But when their truth cannot be immediately tested and their flaws are not obvious, assumptions often graduate to articles of faith, and new observations are forced to fit them.  Eventually, if the volume of troublesome information becomes unsustainable, the orthodoxy must collapse.

 Since the text is a secular, non-Christian work that is saturated with non-theistic, and insufficiently substantiated macroevolutionary hypotheses, it provides us with the opportunity to apply analytical, critical, bio-logical thinking skills as we compare how scientific evidences best fit a model of theistic/biblical creation. 

Also, textbook publishers compete with one another to sell books to state schools, so the books are getting bigger, heavier, and overloaded with unnecessarily distracting boxes, sidebars, charts, etc.  Therefore, I have outlined and summarized the textbooks into Word (.doc) and PowerPoint (.ppt) documents and put them online for more efficient study, along with updated, supplementary materials

ncs_highschool Northlake Christian High School

dawkinsWATCH what happens when the infamous atheistic evolutionist, Dr. Dawkins of Oxford University is asked to simply provide one single example of a genetic mutation or evolutionary process that creates new genetic information in the genome.

To view this you must have on your PC:
- Macromedia Flash Player.


Basic Study Motive: 
Gratitude to God. Sacrificing the desires of self for the needs of others, instead of sacrificing the needs of others for the desires of self.

Critical (Logikos) Thinking Principles:
Don't believe anything, even what I say,
unless the evidence makes it worthy of your trust.
"Faith is the . . . evidence of things not seen." (Heb 11:1)
Bio-Logic (Discernment): Practicing analytical, logical, critical thinking skills

HOMEWORK Expectations:
As soon as you are given notes, study guides, handouts of any kind, you are responsible to set a personal study schedule and begin studying them ASAP.  I recommend you use my instructions/article on:
"How and Why to Create a Condensed Memory OUTLINE".

Please remember, you'll soon be heading off to college and/or the adult working world, so we won't be spoon-feeding you, or giving constant teacher-generated busy work to do at home.  Some courses, like Math and Chemistry, require a lot of "practice" problems homework.  In contrast, a large part of Biology/Life Science requires the memorization of many terms/concepts along with learning to think Bio - logically (Greek = logikos).    

I'll carefully teach through ALL of the material using PowerPoint Presentations, Areopagus Class Dialogue (see Acts 17), "Living LABS", etc. Your job is to highlight terms, concepts, and processes that I tell you are important, especially those that will be re-tested throughout the year.  Much of this course requires comprehensive knowledge and cumulative testing.  So, beware.  Do NOT just cram before assessments.  Crammed material does not go into long-term memory and therefore cumulative material will catch up with you as the year unfolds!

You are expected to schedule your time throughout each unit to:

- read and understand the concepts taught
- outline / condense notes to manageable segments with memory cues
- memorize your outlines well
- meditate & question the meaning & implications of everything
- apply rational faith (evidential belief) to those things that deserve it

NEVER BELIEVE - without sufficient evidence
(critical thinking / bio-logic)
Proverbs 14:15; Hebrews 11:1

EXAMPLE: Why have 100's of PhD scientists rejected macroevolution?
- They include the inventor of the MRI & professors at major universities.
- Yet, PBS, National Geographic, & Scientific American claim there are none.
- If new evidence has convinced 100's, then shouldn't you find out why?
- Take a look for yourself. (Here are a few lists: AiG, ICR, CMI, CRS)  

What kind of "god" is portrayed by theistic evolution?
- "Survival of the fittest" depends upon pain, fear, suffering, & death.
- In contrast, the God of the Bible is the Good Shepherd who made Eden.
- Theistic evolution is a belief that blasphemes God by making Him a monster.

Why is the character of our Creator the cornerstone of Christianity?
- The foundation for consistent peace/joy/unselfish love must be trust in God.
- Believing God desired & designed disease & death does not lead to trust.
- Good News: Willful sin, Satan, & selfishness are the cause, not God.

The Way of Creation:
Sacrificing self for the needs of others. (Ex. = Christ's Cross)

The Way of Macroevolution:
Sacrificing others for the desires of self. (Ex. = Abortion)


Text and Class Notes: (YES, these are the things you will be graded on)
Remember, I created the PowerPoints and WORD Documents to give you easily searchable, electronic versions of the notes. Download them at the beginning of each unit and store the files in organized folders on your home PC or Pocket Flashdrive. If you have trouble, email me
- or


TERM 1 - (QUARTER ONE / First Nine Weeks)

Unit 1 - Introduction to Biological Science

Bio-Logic / Logikos Thinking / Our Creator's Creatures/

"Tentative" DATES: August 16 to August 31

Welcome to Mr. Galloway's Bio-Logic Class
Why Study Science? (Notes: Word Document - .doc)
GW - Group Work (In Class Discussion / Dialog)


Notes taken from the Textbook Chapter 1 "The Science of Life" (.doc)
Notes Converted to PPT format - Scripture & the Scientific Method - (.ppt)
(Printed copies of this PPT presentation will be handed out in class)  
GW - Whole Group Work (Class Discussion / Dialog)

** HW - Home Work Due Wed Aug 18 For ALL Class Periods 1, 2, 4, 8
Practice / Review Sheets (.pdf files you must complete at home.   
- Biology Ch1 Sec1 Biology Themes.pdf
- Biology Ch1 Sec2 Biology World.pdf

Honors Study Guide for Quiz Grade (Word Doc)
Complete as Hmwk due on Thur Aug 19 for Period 2, Fri Aug 20 for period 4
On-Level Study Guide for Quiz Grade(Word Doc)
Complete as Hmwk due on Thur Aug 19 for Period 1, Fri Aug 20 for period 8

GW - Small Group Work
(Discussion / Dialog / Quiz Bowl - if time allows)

QUIZ in class:  
CORRECTED DATES - Tue Aug 24 for Periods 2, 4, 1, then Wed Aug 25 for Period 8

* ID - Individual Practice Work In Class
- Biology Ch1 Sec3 Scientific Methods.pdf
- Biology Ch1 Sec4 Microscopy-Measurement.pdf

Honors Study Guide for upcoming TEST (Word Doc) Complete at home.
A COPY is DUE as a HOMEWORK grade on the following date:
Thur Aug 26 for Period 2, Fri Aug 27 for period 4
On-Level Study Guide for upcoming TEST (Word Doc) Complete at home.
A COPY is DUE as a HOMEWORK grade on the following date:
Thur Aug 26 for Period 1, Fri Aug 27 for period 8

TEST Unit 1 in class: Tue Aug 31 for Periods 2, 4, 1, then Wed Sept 1 for Period 8

OPTIONAL Supplemental Material

Recommended (NOT Required)for further study of Chapter 1:

- (Articles)

*Biblical Roots of Science, by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati PhD

"Many atheopaths1 and their compromising churchian allies claim that biblical belief and science are mortal enemies. Yet historians of science, even non-Christians, have pointed out that modern science first flourished under a Christian world view while it was stillborn in other cultures such as ancient Greece, China and Arabia. The historical basis of modern science depended on the assumption that the universe was made by a rational Creator. An orderly universe makes perfect sense only if it were made by an orderly Creator (cf. 1 Corinthians 14:33). . . . . . . (READ MORE . . . )

* "Loving God with All Your Mind: Logic and Creation", by Dr. Sarfati, PhD
* "Scientific Method" links from the Creation Research Society
* "But the Bible is not a Textbook of Science, Is It?" by Dr. Carl Wieland
* Questions & Answers Regarding Science (Many articles about numerous issues)
* Creationists Basis for S. M.
* 100 Scientists Who Believe Bible

- (Books, DVD's)
* Coming to Grips with Genesis (numerous PhD scholars of Scripture/Heb/Gk)
* Booklet - Learning Logic at Home (downloadable PDF file)
* The Answers Book: Revised and Expanded (Ham)
* Refuting Evolution (I & 2) (Sarfati)
* The Fallacy Detective: 36 Lessons on How to Recognize Bad Reasoning
* The Great Turning Point:
(The Church’s Catastrophic Mistake on Geology Before Darwin, Dr. Mortenson)
* Science and the Bible, by Dr. Henry Morris

- (Links)
* Digital Microscope (QX5)(Used in many of our laboratory activities)
* (excellent resource to learn to discern logically)
* Etymology of "Logic"
* Christian site for learning logic -


UNIT 2 Origins Science

Approximate Dates: Sept 1st to Sept 20th

PARENTS' Seminar (Free)

On the Creation/Evolution Issue:
* See the color brochure below this box

I'll offer this seminar again a number of times during the year.
DATE/TIME: to be announced as the year unfolds

- Evenings for parents/adults during the year focused on "The Creator's Way" vs "Survival of the Fittest"
- Dates will be announced through email and school calendar.
- In the past, we've had a packed room of over 40 adults with Video Clips, PowerPoint, Q&A, fun, etc.





We'll be using many supplemental sources from world renowned scientists who have become biblical creationists as a result of the science evidence.

Dr. John Baumgardner is one of the top geophysicists in the world, having worked at the famous Los Alamos Nat'l Labs.
(He was called by U.S. News & World Report, the "preeminent" expert in geophysical supercomputer modeling).
- Website (Global Flood)
- DVD Presentations
* "Models, Genes, and Global Warming"
* "Planetary Cataclysm"


- Dr. John Sanford is one of the top genetics researchers in the world, working at Cornell University.
(Dr. Sanford has developed over 25 patented inventions for genetics research, including the famous Biolistic Gene Gun.)
DVD Presentations
* "How Evolution Hurts Science"
* "The Mystery of Our Declining Genes"


** Please remember that typical "biology" classes are required to spend about 20-25% of the time focused on Historical/Origins science. We will utilize about 15-20% of our time focused on this area. Most courses merely present the neo-Darwinian hypotheses that are actually rejected by thousands of respected scientists. In our course, however, we will carefully examine and contrast both the macroevolutionary hypotheses of neo-Darwinism, plus the hypotheses presented by the thousands of scientists who now disagree with macroevolutionary beliefs. Above all, the students are taught to use logikos, critical, analytical thinking which is both scientific and scriptural. They are encouraged to only believe those concepts that have sufficient evidence to make them worthy of their trust and action.

RECOMMENDED BOOK: Genetic Entropy & The Mystery of the Genome
Dr. John Sanford, Professor of genetics at Cornell University for 25 years. Author of the book, Genetic Entropy & The Mystery of the Genome, 2005 Over 70 scientific publications & over 25 patents.
[His book demonstrates the statistical & scientific impossibility of the claim that mutations are a mechanism that could have created new genetic information to make new kinds of creatures.]

“Modern Darwinism is . . . . that man is merely the product of random mutations plus natural selection. . . . . It is for this reason that the overwhelming majority of youth who start out with a belief that there is more to life than mere chemistry – will lose their faith while at college. I believe this is also the cause of the widespread self-destructive and self-denigrating behaviors we see throughout our culture.” 




Watch what happens when the famous evolutionist, Dr. Dawkins, is asked to provide one single example of a genetic mutation or evolutionary process that increases the information in the genome.
(FOR PROOF of this video's accuracy see the following article "WAS DAWKINS STUMPTED?")


Do I reject macroevolution (i.e., vertical change into new kinds via mutations) as well as the hypo-thesis (underlying belief) that the earth is billions of years old?

MY SUMMARY ANSWER: I believe only what is sufficiently supported by the best objective evidence, logically evaluated. I believe the same thing about macroevolution and the age of the earth that 100's of world respected scientists now believe, including for example the inventor of the MRI (Dr. Raymond Damadian), the top geophysicist working with supercomputers on the earth's geological history Dr. John Baumgardner of Los Alamos National Laboratories, the inventor of the Biolistic Gene Gun at Cornell University Dr. John Sanford, etc. Yes, these 100's of scientists reject macroevolution and the belief that the earth is billions of years old. I encourage you to study the new evidence that has led these brilliant individuals to this conclusion.

* NOTE: Natural Selection is a real and present process but it is NOT vertical/macro evolution. It is merely the environment selecting already existing genes and traits that are the most survivable. Natural selection just like artificial selection cannot generate the new DNA coding necessary to have produced the myriad of genomes found among Earth's biological diversity.

See the following external sites for thousands of articles, books, videos, audios, etc: (Representing 1000's of PhD scientists and theological scholars)
- Answers in Genesis (
- Creation Ministries International (
- Institute for Creation Research (
- Creation Research Society (

The following are


* Download all required documents to a folder on your home PC as Backup!
(Start reading at the beginning of every unit. Know this material well.)
** Copies will be handed out in class

Below is a Condensed Outline for Biology Classes
Historical (Indirect) Science


I. Significance of Origin Hypotheses
A. God’s Character (The God of Creation vs. The God of Evolution)
B. Graphae (God's Word - Greek term = "written" / Scripture)
C. Gospel (The cross of Jesus, the 2nd Adam, depends on the 1st Adam's sin)
D. Glorifying His Character (The Cornerstone of Counseling / Practical Fruit)

 II. Evidence for Origin Hypotheses
A. Scholars (1000's of scientists and theologians reject macroevolution)
B. Science (2nd strongest evidence; theories cannot be proven / often are falsified.)
C. Scripture (Strongest evidence, verified by 100's of prophetic proofs - Isa 41-48)
Prophecy demonstrates that God who transcends time led the writing of the Bible.

Introductory Concepts:
You must memorize the "Condensed Outline (listed above) as on the class handout
* You must be able to explain each of the"Nine Main Outline Points".
You must memorize the "5 Questions for Logikos Thinking" discussed in class.
* You must be able to explain each of the crucial concepts included
You must also memorize the "6 Days of Creation in Order (Genesis 1)"
* You must be able to explain each of the crucial concepts included
You must also memorize the "7 C's of Christian History (His-story)"
* This link is to a pic of the 7 C's
* You must be able to explain each of the crucial concepts included

Remember - BELIEFS produce Attitudes, Affect, and Actions
(The link on the word "beliefs" above is to a webpage for OPTIONAL INFO)
- If you believe a roach is about to crawl up your leg you will feel afraid & jump,
but it might just be a thread.
- Christian revivals turned corrupt medieval Europe to a culture of compassion.
- Germany, the most educated and technologically advanced culture of its time, turned into a culture of survival of the cruelest.

Not all SCIENCE is the same.
Various scientific efforts fit on a continuum from DIRECT to INDIRECT:

* HONORS ONLY (HRS 2 & 4) TOPIC for:
* DUE Tuesday Sept 7

Cutting Edge Discoveries Lead to Logical Belief in God
(Viewed and Evaluated in Class)

"The Creator's Way vs. Survival of the Fittest"

Mini-QUIZ: - 5 Questions & 9 Outline Points (WORDS ONLY)
NEW Date TUESDAY Sept 7 for Hrs 1,2,4 / Wednesday for Hr 8

(LIST ONLY the single key WORDS for the 5 Questions & 9 Points Outline)

Mini-Test: - 5 Questions & 9 Outline Points (EXPLAIN Each)
DATE = Thur Sept 9 for Hrs 1,2 / Fri Sept 10 for Hrs 4,8
(Be able to explain BRIEFLY the 5 Questions & 9 Points Outline)

II. Evidence for "Origins" A. Scholars Evidence
Notes: "II. Evidence A. SCHOLARS -
- PDF Version of SCHOLARS material


on ONLY II. A. Scholars
HONORS DATE Period 2 Thur Sept 16 // Period 4 Friday Sept 17
ON-LEVEL DATE Period 1 Thur Sept 16 // Period 8 Friday Sept 17

Test Grade / Critical Evaluation Essay

- Complete at home DUE DATE Monday Sept 20
"Failure of the Neo-Darwinian Theory", by John Sanford PhD of Cornell Univ. (HANDED OUT IN CLASS - not published so not online)
Essay Evaluation Expectations: Read the article carefully, using logikos thinking to support your answers to the following questions. (* Your essay must at least 3 pages double spaced, typed, and well organized in both visual format as well as logical progression of your ideas.)
1. Who is Dr. John Sanford and why is his background important to the creation vs macroevolution debate?
2. What is the core of Neo-Darwinian Theory and how can it best be tested?
3. What is "Mendel's Accountant" and how does it solve the problem of testing Neo-Darwinian Theory?
4. When Mendel's Accountant is applied, what do the resulting data demonstrate regarding DNA information and mutations?
5. What does Dr. Sanford conclude about Neo-Darwinian Theory as a result of Mendel's Accountant?

Test Grade, paper due Mon Sept 20
Complete at home
- This will be a brief critical evaluation or short Journal Article:
"Can Creationist be 'Real' Scientist?", by Dr. Lisle.
Essay Expectations: Read the article carefully, using logikos thinking to support your answers to the following questions.
(* Your essay must at least 2 pages double spaced, typed, and well organized in both visual format as well as logical progression of your ideas.)
1. Search the web to find out who Dr. Jason Lisle is and describe briefly his qualifications to write this article.
2. Was belief in evolution necessary for the major past discoveries and technologies of science? EXPLAIN.
3. Name and describe some past and present "creation-believing" scientists from the article.
4. Do you agree or disagree with Dr. Lisle's answer to the article's title question?


BIG UNIT 2 TEST - Comprehensive on ORIGINS

on ALL I. Significance & II. Evidence (Scholars/Science/Scripture):
Dates: Thur Sept 23 for Hrs 1,2 / Fri Sept 24 for Hrs 4,8

** UNIT Test covers entire Origins Unit
** I. Significance (A-D) AND II. Evidence (A-C)
** Use all NOTES we handed out, for further clarification.

OPTIONAL Supplemental Material

Recommended (NOT Required)for further study of ORIGINS SCIENCE

II. Evidence B. Science (Word .doc - easier to search with "Ctrl-F")
(This document is a supplement to the main Power Point)
This section covers:

"Physical Science" (astrophysics, geophysics, geology, chemistry, archaeology, paleontology, radioisotope dating, etc)
"Biological Science" (genetics, cytology, population genetics, classification, etc)

* "The Science of Noah's Ark/Zoo/Catastrophic Global Flood"
(mathematical, statistical, biological, oceanographic, engineering, etc)

II. Evidence C. Scripture - (Word .doc version - easier to search)
(This document is a supplement to the main Power Point)

Theological Errors Caused by Belief in an Old Earth
** * Coming to Grips with Genesis (many PhD scholars of Scripture/Heb/Gk)
- Dr. Werner Gitt of Germany on "Did God Use Evolution?"
- Dr. Terry Mortenson - "Why Shouldn't Christians Accept Millions of Years?"
- "god" of an old Earth
- See AiG, CMI, ICR, etc for biographies

A Definitive Theological Exposition on Creation and it's connection to the Coming Consummation: FREE Audio Exposition by Dr. John MacArthur
Go to the link:
Then under the "Resources" section, select:"Shepherd's Conference"
then select, "Audio Downloads" / the select "2009" / then select "General Sessions" / then add to cart "Session 1" which is:
"Creation, Theology & The End of the Universe"
You will receive an email from them that will have a download link. ENJOY & apply :-)

Physical Science (Radioisotope Dating Methods Age of the Earth -
* Scientific Evidence for a Young Earth
- RATE Report on the age of the Earth (Beyond RATE)
- Assumptions Behind Radiometric Dating Methods (Dr. Tas Walker)
- 12 Tests for the Earth's Age: Dr. Russell Humphreys of Sandia National Laboratories on measurements limiting the Earth's age to thousands of years.
- DVD by the "preeminent" geophysical expert on the Earth's geological history (Dr. John Baumgardner of Los Alamos Laboratories

Biological Science
- Dr. Kurt Wise
- See AiG, CMI, ICR, etc for biographies
- Dr. John Sanford (Book: Genetic Entropy)
- Darwinian Theory Failure in light of Mendel's Accountant
"Mendel's Accountant" *** (Computer model / mutation mechanism)
- See AiG, CMI, ICR, etc for biographies

Irreducible Complexity
- Dr. Michael Behe, et al
- See AiG, CMI, ICR, etc for biographies


Unit 3 Classification & Baraminology

Tentative DATES: Sept 27 to Oct 6)

God's "Creative" Graphic Organizer
The Baraminological Orchard & Its Trees

Creation Classification: Comparing and Contrasting Models
Biblical Baraminology vs. Evolutionary Cladistics

I. History of Classification
II. Evolutionary Systems of Classification
III. Biblical Baraminology
IV. Angels, Cherubim, Seraphim, Nephilim?
V. JESUS (The Only Begotten Son - God/Man)

.... Liger Hybrid ... Zorse Hybrid....

WORD DOC Notes: Classification of the Creator's Creation
POWERPOINT: Classification Presentation
It will help to create your own Condensed Memory OUTLINE according to these instructions.

Classwork/Homework - "Dog's That Changed The World", by NATURE
* Complete this WORKSHEET from the DVD.

Study Guide for the Quiz is NOT due for me

QUIZ in class:  Date Hrs 1 & 2 Thur Sept 30 // Hrs 4 & 8 Fri Oct 1
Emphasizes the Secular Scientific Classification Models

GW- Creation Baraminology Introductory Activity (In Class)
(Word Document for Intro Activity) (PowerPoint for Intro Activity)

LAB: NCZoo "Living Labs" - Baraminology Small Group Activity
(In Class as the schedule allows) (Word doc for GROUP Activity)

Study Guide for the TEST  (DUE as HOMEWORK on MONDAY OCT 4)

A REFINED BARAMIN CONCEPT, by Drs. Wood, Wise, Sanders, Doran, ....
(Handed out in class and downloadable here)
Date = Tuesday Oct 5 (Remember TEST on Wed so study early)

Expectations for the HONORS ONLY article evaluation essay
[Minimum 3 pages, typed, double spaced, address these questions]
1. What is the Baraminology Study Group? (Intro page before p. 1)
2. Historically, how did the methods of creation classification develop into its current field of research called Baraminology? pp. 1-4
(Note progression of views and methods from Marsh to Scherer to ReMine to Wise)
3. How does Dr. Wise's "baraminology" method try to address and overcome previous methodological problems? p. 5
4. What is the primary current problem with "Baraminology" that the authors of this article attempt to address? p. 5
5. How has the basic, core "refinement" of the authors improved the method of "baraminology"? pp. 6-11
6. What is your "personal" critique of the article's readability, scientific importance, usefulness to the field of biology?

"Sugar" -
Our rescued flying squirrel

TEST in class on this UNIT: 
DATE = Wed Oct 6
The test includes all of the Creation Classification, but emphasizes the Biblical Baraminology model. The honors class will have less objective questions, and more detailed information regarding Baraminology and the evidences that support this new, more scientifically accurate, and more Creator-honoring system of classification.






Unit 4: Chs 2-3 Physical Chemistry / BioChemistry


Optional Animations to help you understand concepts, and form to function relationships:

* Cell Complexity
* Molecular Bonding
* Solution Formation (NaCl)
* Activation Energy
* Balancing Equations
* Ph Scale (Acids / Bases)
* Acid Solution Formation
* Buffer Effects



Word Doc Notes - Ch 2 Chemistry (.doc) 
For the Quiz on Ch 2 and then again for the Unit Test on 2 & 3
Copies of this Word Doc will also be handed out in class, if printers work.
However, YOU are responsible to have the notes and guides even if you must download them.

PowerPoint Notes - Ch 2 Chemistry (.ppt)
For the Quiz on Ch 2 and then again for the Unit Test on 2 & 3

Practice Worksheets to help study for the test: (Use if it helps you)
- Section 2.1 || Section 2.2 || Section 2.3

- QUIZ on Ch 2 terms, PPT, Video, Logikos Discussion
DATES: Hrs 1&2 Thur Oct 14; Hrs 4&8 Fri Oct 15
* Atoms, Compounds, Matter, Chemical Reactions, Activation Energy, Exergonic, Covalent Bond, Molecule, Reactants, Catalysts, Reduction Reaction, Oxidation Reaction

Mini-Lab Activities:
- Incredible Shrinking Snack Bags (Do not try this at home)
- Electrically Transformed Steel Wool (Do not try this at home)

Science News: "Why Graphene Won Scientists the Nobel Prize"
* Read this article about a new substance that will change your future.
- We'll discuss it in class


TEST: (Ch 2 Basic Physical Chem):  In Class Wednesday Oct 20
STUDY GUIDE for the Test -
ONLY ON-LEVEL CLASS is allowed to use MY printed Word Doc Notes

- Video Clip by Moody Science:
"Facts of Faith" (Matter, Energy, Cells, Life, Electricity, Gospel)

- - Video Clip by Sarfati, PhD
- Worksheet for a QUIZ GRADE
Practice Taking Notes!
(Chemist & world class chess champion)
"Chemicals to Living Cell: Fantasy or Science"


LAB: NCZoo "Living Labs" -
The significance of pH & temperature on the chemical reactions necessary for:
* the maintenance of our NCZoo Aquariums, etc
* the ongoing vitality and quality of life for our permanent animal residents
-- LAB Report Worksheet -- As time allows  

Activity - Aqueous Solutions: The Juggling Act of Polar Water Molecules
(See here a fun video of Raspyni Brothers juggling as an analogy.)

Word Doc Notes - Ch 3 Biochemistry (.doc)
* For the Unit Test along with the notes and test for Ch 2
PowerPoint Notes - Ch 3 Biochemistry (.ppt)
* For the Unit Test along with the notes and test for Ch 2

Practice Worksheets to help you study for the Ch 3 PART of this test:
(Use if it helps you - it will)
- Be sure to restudy the Ch 2 worksheets linked above.
- Section 3.1 || Section 3.2 || Section 3.3
- Power Point, Video Clips, Class Discussion

OPTIONAL ONLINE Practice TEST for both Ch 2 and Ch 3 from Textbook
- Chapter 2 Chemistry  Practice Test
- Chapter 3 Biochemistry Practice Test

** Complete this Study Guide for the Ch 3 (Biochemistry)
Hand in a COPY to me to grade. Keep a COPY for you to study!!
Due Date = Monday Oct 25th


* Homecoming Week / Humanities Trip Thur28 / Tue2 Election Day

Hr 1 & 8 On Level will take their test Monday Nov 1
Hr 2 & 4 Honors will take their
test on Wed Nov 3 (LONG Test),

** DON'T FORGET that Chapter 2's test material will also be on this test! (This test COVERS BOTH CH 2 AND CH 3 !)

Don't Forget - Science Olympiad:
Projects Due Wed Nov 3
Presentation on Thur Nov 4

Unit 5 (Textbook) - Ch 4 Cells (Cytology)

Classwork/HMWK Practice/Review (Dates as unit unfolds)
Worksheets to help you study for the Ch 4 part of this test:
- Section 4.1 || Section 4.2 || Section 4.3

Incomprehensibly Complex Cities
- full of factories, railways, etc)
Word Doc Notes - Ch 4 - Cells (.doc)
PowerPoint Notes - Ch 4 Cells (.ppt)
(copies will be handed out in class)


** Parents!!

Please remember that your sons/daughters MUST READ my NOTES (Word Doc and/or PowerPoint) and MEMORIZE terms/concepts for long term memory.  They should begin this responsibility as soon as the notes are made available (in hand and online).  Flashcards & outlining the notes on their own helps organize information in their mind.

** As high schoolers preparing for college (and future employment), they must prepare on time and practice INDEPENDENT work. Teachers CANNOT FORCE basic facts into their minds. Therefore, teachers also cannot help them understand concepts or exercise critical (logikos) thinking about concepts if the students have not yet memorized (learned) the BASIC TERMS, etc.

Please have them recheck their Science Webpage on my GSI website for date changes.

Please remember, my Science webpages on the website (that I pay for myself) includes:
(Along with the animals in our NCZoo and their food, maintenance, etc)
- my hand typed outlines to every chapter from the textbook,
- my hand typed PowerPoints with scanned graphics,
- my hand typed study guides for quizzes and tests,
- links for practice worksheets,
- and of course the all important DATES for when assignments/assessments are due.
** Recheck dates daily for any potential updates or changes.

In addition, I tell the students regularly and sent home at the beginning of the year a note explaining that the majority of their science course involves the boring memorization of terms and concepts that represent structures and processes.  Therefore they have homework every night IF they need it.  It depends on how much memorization and/or review they need to prepare. Only you and your child can decide how much study he or she needs to prepare for quizzes/tests.
* Starting early is essential for long term memory and critical (logikos) thinking.



OPTIONAL Videos & Animations to help you understand concepts,
and form to function relationships:
* Cell Complexity - Awe Inspiring
* Cell Complexity Described by Scientists
* Irreducible Cell Complexity
* Irreducible Cell Complexity by Dr. Behe
* Designer's Signature in the Cell
* Bacterial Flagellum Zoomed In View
* Lysosomes

** Flashcards for Terms (Optional - It helps!!!)

for Ch 4 Cells for a Quiz GRADE!


* (A COPY COPY is DUE in class
as a QUIZ GRADE on Wed Nov 10)


Optional ONLINE Ch 4 Practice TEST from the Textbook

The TEST: In class on Monday Nov 15


Thanksgiving Special Mini-Unit
Mon - Fri (Nov 14-18)

Since all of my classes have tests on Monday Nov 14,
and I'll be gone with 9th graders to the Zoo on Tue Nov 15,
and we have a HALF DAY short classes Wed Nov 16,
then only Thur & Fri before Thanksgiving break . . .


Instead, I'll hand out a special unit packet for each of my classes
on Monday and Tuesday . . . YOU WILL ENJOY IT :-)

Click here for the instruction sheet
that was handed out in class.

Due Friday Nov 19th

UNIT 6 - Nov 29 to Midterm Exams

Ch 5 Homeostasis and Cellular Transport:

Chapter 5 Homeostasis and Cellular Transport (Word Doc)
Chapter 5 Homeostasis and Cellular Transport (PowerPoint)

OPTIONAL Animations / Videos -
* ATP Synthase Motor Complexity
* RNA Interference Complexity
* How Enzymes Work
* Diffusion * Osmosis
* Facilitated Diffusion
* Sodium / Potassium Pump
* Channel Protein Receptors

Practice Worksheets to help you study:
Section 5.1 || Section 5.2

Optional ONLINE Ch 5 Practice TEST    

* Links for Video Clips for Understanding Hypertonic vs. Hypotonic, as well as other concepts in Cell Transport:
- Virtual Experiment (Red Blood Cell in Hypo/Hyper/Iso Solutions)
- Osmosis //// More Osmosis
- Hypotonic Solution //// Hypo/Hyper/Iso Explanations
- Cell Membrane & Homeostasis
- Cell Membrane & Diffusion
- Cell Membrane & Passive Transport
- Cell Membrane & Active Transport
- More Cell Membrane & Active Transport

QUIZ Grade - Complete the Test Study Guide & bring a COPY to class on (HONORS) (ON-LEVEL)
Due Monday Dec 6

HONORS you'll be tested on these logikos thinking questions:
(Therefore you should include discussion of these in you STUDY GUIDE)

1. Explain the role of carrier proteins in cell membrane transport?
2. List two of the three stimuli that cause ion channel gates to open and explain how they work?
3. How does glucose enter a cell and why it requires this method?
4. Understand the Na+, K+ pump mechanism based on the six ordered diagrams in the worksheet we did in class.
5. Why must IONS be shielded from the interior of the lipid bilayer in order to cross the cell membrane?
6. How are the form and function of both carrier proteins and enzymes similar?



DVD by Dr. David Menton
Medical School Anatomy Professor
"The Hearing Ear - God's Design"

Dr. Menton discusses the amazing intricately complex macro, micro, and nano structures that make our hearing possible. For example, the ion channels in the organ of corti have tiny gates on them controlled by molecular springs that open and close at up to 20,000 times per second!!




LAB Elodea: Word Doc Lab - Elodea (Anacharis) Cells
[Osmosis, Homeostasis, Photosynthesis]
(Due to lack of time, this lab will be done in class with the QX5 Digital Scope as a whole class)
  Mr. Galloway's Digital Microscopy QX5
- Where to get a QX5 and why you'll love it
- What you can do with it and how to use it
- Photos / video clips of class digital labs
Spiritual Analogy & Application:  Elodea’s common name is “Anacharis” meaning “increased GRACE / GIFT (charis)” in Greek.  Just as our Creator God gave plants to continually provide life-giving air (oxygen) to His nephesh (thinking / feeling) creatures, God has also given us the Holy Spirit as the source of new, eternal life through the second birth spiritually when a person is “born-again”.  By the way, the New Testament Greek word for spirit is pneuma, which means air or wind.  Therefore, without the new, spiritual, second birth, no person can have eternal life.  Jesus said the choice is yours (John 3).  The Good News (Gospel) is that Jesus did all the work necessary for us, through His sinless life, sacrificial death, and resurrection.  None of our tainted “good” works are of any value to earn or buy eternal life.  [THE GOOD NEWS]

TEST in class (Ch 5)
Due Thur Dec 9 Periods 1&2; Fri Dec 10 Periods 4&8
- Focus on the parts we emphasized / highlighted in class
- Know the major terms and principles.  Use the textbook to clarify any concepts as needed.
HONORS you'll be tested on these logikos thinking questions:

1. Explain the role of carrier proteins in cell membrane transport?
2. List two of the three stimuli that cause ion channel gates to open and explain how they work?
3. How does glucose enter a cell and why it requires this method?
4. Understand the Na+, K+ pump mechanism based on the six ordered diagrams in the worksheet we did in class.
5. Why must IONS be shielded from the interior of the lipid bilayer in order to cross the cell membrane?
6. How are the form and function of both carrier proteins and enzymes similar?


This Thursday Night Dec 9 @ 7PM

CURRENT POWER POINT for LSU Seminar (Feb 20)
(NEW Power Point Sample linked above)

* Click HERE for a printable sheet explaining the event
7 - 8 PM Thur Dec 9 - Feel free to bring Guests
PowerPoint / Video Clips / Voluntary Discussion /Q & A
Our previous CW evenings have been fun and informative for all


Creator's Way Q & A Evening - Thursday DECEMBER 9th

Who: Parents & their Adult Friends
Time: Thursday DECEMBER 9th 7:00 to 8:30
Place: Northlake Christian High School Bldg, Room 107
- Power Point Presentation
- Video Clips
- Open Discussion Q & A, No Pressure

As our children and grandchildren head off into the world (college and/or work), they will be bombarded with anti-Christian claims designed to undermine their trust in God, the Scripture, and the morality of Christ's character.  In this anniversary year of Darwin's birth (200th) and book (150th), secular sources are flooding the media with anti-biblical propaganda presentations. 

Here is an opportunity to come and bring friends and discover the wonderful resources and evidences available (100's of PhD scholars) to defend "why" you believe what you believe.  Not just Mr. Galloway's opinion - I'll be sharing the conclusions of top scientists from around the world in every field of study.

Feel free to bring friends who doubt the Christian, creation worldview.  That always makes Q & A more fun and practical.

For more information:
Call Sid 985-285-4630
Email sid [at] or sgalloway [at]
* replace the [at] with @ and no spaces

Seminar Brochure:




Mid-Year Comprehensive EXAM Semester 1 (Thurs Dec 16th)
for the Biology Mid-Year Exam

* Be sure to remember the diagrams for:
- Enzyme / Substrate Model
- Cell changes in Hypo/Hyper/Isotonic Solutions

Merry Christ-mas

TIPS for studying your exam to make a high grade:
1. READ through the Exam Study Guide thoroughly a couple of times.
2. MEMORIZE the terms, concepts, formulas, processes, etc
3. FLASHCARDS help to break down the Guide into bite size sections.
3. BEYOND the Guide, you need to understand the interrelationships among the terms, concepts and processes.
4. WEBSITE: Since I have all of your notes available in digital form on my website at your science webpage, you can pull up on your PC any set of notes and use the "FIND" option (Control - F) to locate any term, concept, etc, in that set of notes.
5. TEXTBOOK: You can use your textbook that you have kept at home, since 90% of the notes and power points I created for you came from the text.
6. ANIMATIONS/VIDEO: You can also find animations for visual understanding of many concepts linked on my science webpage and countless more through Google for any concept.
7. PAST TESTS: You will NOT need your past tests, since the exam questions will be different. Every year, I keep all "tests" protected in a locked cabinet so that students cannot lose them.
8. PRAYER: Last but not least, prayerfully trust God to help you as you in turn are diligent to make "outline/memory" cards, then memorize repeatedly, then practice writing answers to mock questions about concepts or relationships.

I'll be praying for all of you as you study.
Just a sheepdog of the GOOD SHEPHERD,
Mr. Galloway

Quarter / Term 3

Approximate DATES: Jan 2011 to Jan 19
Unit 6: Chapters 6-7
Photosynthesis / Respiration

* Be sure to use the ANIMATIONS down below
to understand and learn the biochemical processes.

Part One of UNIT 6 Ch 6 . . .
Chapter 6 Photosynthesis
(Food Factory Powered by Solar Leaves)
NOTES - Word Doc - Ch 6 Photosynthesis
NOTES - PowerPoint - Ch 6 Photosynthesis
Printed copies of this Word Doc will be handed out in class if the machine works.
BUT you are still responsible to download all docs to your home PC or Flashdrive!

WORKSHEET in class:
Photosynthesis Leaf Diagram

PRACTICE Worksheets to help you study for the Ch 6 part of this Unit:
Section 6.1 || Section 6.2
ONLINE Ch 6 Practice QUIZ



QUIZ DATE Section 1 of Ch 6 (Wed Jan 5th - All Bio classes)
Study Guide for this quiz

ANIMATIONS of PHOTOSYNTHESIS for Visual Understanding :
- Photosynthesis Movie (excellent overview)
- Photosystem II Movie (details of the electron transport chain)
- ATP Synthase Motor Movie (Complexity of this ultra micro machine)
- Electron Transport Chain Movie
- LEAF (cross sectional zooming in for biochemical pathways)
- MEMBRANE (light phase reactions)
- LIGHT REACTIONS (Step through animation)
- LIGHT to DARK CYCLES (Light Dependent to Light Independent/Dark/Calvin)

- Calvin Cycle (Student created movie - corny but informative)
** Calvin Cycle Animation (Excellent step by step. More than you need, but illuminates the recycling efficiency of God's designs)

* Date - MEGA-QUIZ/TEST Ch 6 - (Wed 12th - Classes 1,2,4)

Solar Leaves, Electron Transport System, Biochemical Pathways of Calvin Cycle
Study Guide for the MEGA-QUIZ on Ch 6 Photosynthesis
(Honors will have lots of logikos thinking questions)

(Part II of Unit 6) = Chapter 7 Cellular Respiration
** Be sure to use the ANIMATIONS down below to understand and learn the biochemical processes.
NOTES - Word Doc - Ch 7 Cellular Respiration (.doc)
NOTES - PowerPoint - Ch 7 Cellular Respiration  (.ppt)
Printed copies of this Word Doc will be handed out in class if the machine works.
BUT you are still responsible to download all docs to your home PC or Flashdrive!

PRACTICE Worksheets to help you study for the Ch 7 part of this Unit:
Section 7.1 || Section 7.2
ONLINE Ch 7 Practice TEST
Remember that the test for this unit will cover Chapters 6 & 7

QUIZ Section 7 Diagrams (ALL Hrs 1,2,4 Tue 18th / Hr 8 Wed 19th)
Study Guide for Quiz on 7's Diagrams

- CANDY (Simple diagrams summarizing the process from sugar in / ATP out)
- DETAIL (Interactive biochemical pathways - not as complicated as it looks - review it many times!)

TEST Dates on BOTH Chapters 6 & 7: 
DATES = (Wed 19th - Classes 1,2,4)

Study Guide for Ch 7 part (Cellular Respiration) of the TEST on Ch's 6 & 7
** Remember this TEST covers both Ch's 6 & 7

January 24th to Jan 31st
UNIT 7 CHAPTER 8 Cell Reproduction
NOTES: Word Doc - Ch 8 Cell Reproduction (.doc)
NOTES: PowerPoint - Ch 8 Cell Reproduction  (.ppt)
Printed copies of the Word Doc & PPT will be handed out in class if the machine works. If not, then you're still responsible to download all docs & ppts to your PC or Flashdrive!       


*Critical Logikos Thinking -
Chimp/Human Ancestry CLAIMS

As time allows, we will have a class project/activity examining the recent hypotheses regarding possible chromosomal fusion and whether or not the evidence supports a common ancestor or a common Designer for humans and chimpanzees.
- Dr. DeWitt: "Not Any More"
- Dr. DeWitt: "Very Different"



Optional Recommended Resources

* VIDEO of DNA Structure Discovery by Watson
* VIDEO of HIV Virus Attacking a Cell (complexity of both form and function)
* Animation of the CELL CYCLE SUMMARY
* Animation of CYCLE DETAILS
* Animation of MITOSIS DETAILS
* Animation of MEIOSIS (Simple but effective animation)
* Animation of MEIOSIS (Narrated detailed video)
* Animation of MEIOSIS (Narrated video or walk through each step slowly)
* Animation of MEIOSIS (University of Arizona Tutorial)

- (Books, DVD's)
* (DVD) Chemicals to Living Cell: Fantasy or Science, Dr. Sarfati, PhD
- (Articles)
* Chromosomal Fusion Among Canines (wolves, dogs, foxes ...)
... Silver Fox Study of Chromosomal Fusion / Fission
* Chromosomal Fusion Among Mutjac Deer (Oxford Journal)
* (ICR) "Cancer and the Curse, by David Demick, MD"
* (AiG) "‘Junk’ DNA: evolutionary discards or God’s tools?" by Dr. Walkup, PhD

- (Links)
* Digital Microscope (QX3) (Used in many of our laboratory activities)
* (excellent resource to learn to discern logically)


Assignments: In Class Work Sheet
- Bio-Logical Mitosis Math Samples
- Bio Math Mitosis Puzzle

QUIZ IN CLASS DATE = Hrs 1, 2, 4 - Tue Jan 25
* Hr 8 on Wed Jan 26

HONORS Study Guide for the QUIZ on Ch 8
(Includes math & mitosis)
* Use the ANIMATIONS below to understand and learn
the biochemical processes.

TEST:  DATE = Monday Jan 31 (All classes)
Study Guide for the TEST on Ch 8 Cell Reproduction (Word Doc)
* Use the ANIMATIONS above to understand and learn the biochemical processes.

February 1 to February _____

UNIT 8 - Monk Mendel's Mathematical Methods
From Peas to Candy cane Corn snakes to the Human Genome . . .
NOTES WORD DOC: Monk Mendel's Math Probabilities
NOTES PPT: Monk Mendel's Math Probabilities
** Glossary Ch9  

In Class Activity
PDF Files Handed Out
In Class Wed Feb 1
Mendel's Math
- Math Probabilities
- Math Ratios
- Inheritance
- Math Quarters

Review Sheets Textbook PDF's
In class Thur & Fri
Ch 9.1 Mendel Review
Ch 9.2 Genetic Crosses

QUIZ: (In class)
Hrs 1,2 Thur Feb3
Hrs 4,8 Fri Feb 4

* Guide NOT due.
Note the different
expectations between the Honors & On-Leve

TEST: Wed Feb 9
NOT due as Grade
* Note the different expectations
between the Honors & On-Level

Due Mon Feb 14
Critical Review of a Scientific Journal Article
“Snake Intrabaraminic Breeding”
(PDF) Journal Article

Presented at the 6th International Conference on Creationism (Pittsburgh August 3-7, 2008)
This article allows the students to integrate classification (baraminology), genetics, mathematics, graphing analysis, and critical thinking in a unique combination.
TEST GRADE - You must write a critical review of this article:
- DATES DUE during your class period:
- Honors = 3 pages, dbl spaced, 12pt

* All classes must address the following content as a minimum.
Learn to visually scan long articles as you practice on this 16 page paper.
You don't need to read every word to comprehend the flow and core content!
Using logikos, analytical thinking, evaluate:
* The author (his background and how it might impact his research, conclusions . . .)
* The content (the use of the scientific method, the usefulness of the topic researched, the potential accuracy of its conclusions . . . )
* The presentation (its organization, its readability, etc . . . )


February 10 to February 18

UNIT 9 - Molecular & Population Genetics
GSI © "DNA: Designed Not Accidental"

NOTES in a PowerPoint PPT
* NOTES in a PDF File for printing 6 slides per page

In this course, we will continue to work towards mastery of methods that are vital to research, involving the integration of biology and mathematics, including:

* SI Units / Conversions
* Scientific Notation / Calculations
* Genetic Probabilities

* Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
* Chi-Square Hypothesis Testing
* "Mendel's Accountant" Computer Simulation
. . .

 OPTIONAL Supplements (Molecular & Pop. Genetics):
VERY HELPFUL Animations / Videos
to better visualize Replication, Transcription, Translation

OPTIONAL Supplemental Materials (Hardy-Weinberg)
- Tutorial * excellent from Pearson Publishing
- A New Biology Text's link for Hardy-Weinberg Law
- Hardy-Weinberg Video Animation
- Animation (Oklahoma State Univ.)
- Practice Problems
- Tutorial Java Format
- Flash Tutorial from Lakeside School
- Albinism Sample Problem (Applies to humans or snakes)

* DNA Packing
* Gene Expression Overview
- Mutations (Video)
* Replication:
! McGraw Hill DNA Structure
! McGraw Hill Structural Basis of Replication
! McGraw Hill Replication Detailed


* Transcription:
! McGraw Hill Stages of Transcription
! McGraw Hill Details of Transcription


* Translation:
! McGraw Hill Initiation of Translation
! McGraw Hill Elongation of Translation
! McGraw Hill Termination of Translation
*Miscellaneous:(more molecular genetics)
- McGraw Hill Direct Repair
- McGraw Hill Transposition Error
- McGraw Hill Cloning
- McGraw Hill DNA Fingerprinting
- McGraw Hill Electrophoresis
- McGraw Hill FISH (Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization)
- McGraw Hill Holiday Model of Recombination in Cross Over

- A New Biology Text's link for Hardy-Weinberg Law
- Hardy-Weinberg Video Animation
- Population Growth Stages
- McGraw Hill Genetic Drift
- McGraw Hill Horizontal Gene Transfer

MORE OPTIONAL Recommended Resources
. . . for further study of Chapters 9 & 10 (see Ch 8's box also)
- (Books, DVD's)
(Excellent explanation of why mutations cannot create new code for new kinds)
(also DVD available here) "From A Frog To A Prince"
* (Book) Not By Chance: Shattering the theory of evolution, Lee Spetner, PhD
(World renowned non-Christian scientist, professor at Johns Hopkins Medical)
- (Articles)
* (AiG) Genetics: No Friend of Evolution:
A highly qualified biologist tells it like it is.  Lane Lester, PhD
* (AiG) Genetics and God's natural selection:
"It was a summer’s day in a monastery garden in
Czechoslovakia over 100 years ago."
- (Links) 100's of PhD creationists active in research and teaching.
* (Dr. John Sanford, PhD, Geneticist, Cornell University)
--- author of Genetic Entropy: The Mystery of the Genome
* (Dr. David DeWitt, PhD, Biochemist & Neuroscientist)



REVIEW Sheets: (For all classes)
In class as time allows
- Biology Ch10.1 Worksheet.pdf
- Biology Ch10.2 Worksheet.pdf
- Biology Ch10.3 Worksheet.pdf
** Due to the rotating schedule and reduced time for explanation, here is the ANSWER SHEET to these practice Worksheets (10.1, 10.2, and 10.3 below)

LAB (DNA Extraction) in class
Date: Wednesday Feb 16

- DNA Extraction Instructions

- Web links (for further study)
* Univ. Utah Virtual DNA Extraction
* Univ. Maryland Biotechnology DNA Extraction


QUIZ in class - **

Class 2 Date: WEDNESDAY Feb 16th
-- Due to 9th grade field trip on Thursday

Class 1 Date: Thursday Feb 17th

Classes 4 and 8 Date: Friday Feb 18th


- since I'm sick and cannot lecture


ACTIVITY in class - Math Integration In Class as time allows
* DNA Replication Rates and Cancer (Word Doc file)
* HONORS also Hardy-Weinberg ... see box below


(Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Equations)
(Population Genetics)

HONORS Activity
- Hardy-Weinberg Frequencies
- Math / Graphing Integration

Date DUE: After Easter
(Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium)

Basic Hardy-Weinberg formulas summarized:
p2 + 2pq + q2 = 1 . . . . . and . . . . p + q = 1
1 = 100% of alleles in the population, when the fractions are converted to %
p = frequency of the dominant allele in the population (Ex = A)
q = frequency of the recessive allele in the population (Ex = a)
p2 = percentage of homozygous dominant individuals (Ex = AA)
q2 = percentage of homozygous recessive individuals (Ex = aa)
2pq = percentage of heterozygous individuals (Ex = Aa)
[Genotype frequencies: AA = p2, aa = q2, Aa = 2pq]
[Phenotype frequencies: Freq Dom = AA + Aa or p2 + 2pq, Freq Rec = aa = q2]

            - Sample Hardy-Weinberg Problems with the Answers
- Step by step Virtual Lab "microevolution" using Hardy-Weinberg
* (Follow the "NEXT --->" buttons to step through the Virtual Lab

* The horizontal axis shows the two allele frequencies p and q.
* The vertical axis shows the genotype frequencies.
* Each graph line shows one of the three possible genotypes.



Study Guide for the Test

Due Wed Feb 23

TEST in class -

Classes 1 and 2 Date: Thursday Feb 24
Classes 4 and 8 Date: Friday Feb 25
Covers Ch10 DNA Form & Function, Protein Synthesis, Molecular & Population Genetics, Math Integration, Graph Interpretation . . .



Quantitative Analysis and Graphic Representation regarding the
myth of a macroevolutionary mutation mechanism.

- Read the following article about the use of computer modeling: "Using computer simulation to understand mutation accumulation dynamics and genetic load", by J. Sanford, J. Baumgardner, W. Brewer, P. Gibson, and W. Remine. in Y. Shi et al. (eds.), ICCS 2007,  Part II, LNCS 4488, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, pp. 386-392.
- Answer the following FOUR questions about the article:
* Be sure to read the Abstract a few times to get an overview!!

Retype the questions and your answers double spaced, 12pt Times New Roman in a very neat and presentable format that you would give to your future employer! DO NOT just quote the article. Put your answers into your own words.

1. Abstract / Introduction -
How and why are modern computers helping scientists test theories about genetics and mutations that they could not do in the past?
2. The Program -
What is special about "Mendel's Accountant" and the kinds of specific genetics problems it is able to examine?
3. Analysis -
How are the graphs helpful to you in understanding the results reached by the scientists? (* You might need to open the article on your home PC to see the colors in the graphs!)
4. Conclusions -
What are the primary findings that the computer program, Mendel's Accountant" provided?
           TEST GRADE

* Below is more on Mendel's Accountant & Hardy-Weinberg that the Honors class will examine after the Easter Break.


Mendel's Accountant Computer Simulation Program

The following material regarding "Mendel's Accountant" and "Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Equations" will be covered and assessed differently for HONORS and ONLEVEL classes. The HONORS classes will be required to master these concepts with a greater depth of understanding and a more practical ability for application.

. . . "MENDEL'S ACCOUNTANT", a computer program developed by Dr. John Sanford, Dr. John Baumgardner, et. al. to quantitatively evaluate the accumulation of mutations across generation and estimate the probability or improbability of mutations being able to add sufficient genetic information to generate the massive amount of information among all living organisms. 

"Mendel's Accountant" Internet Links:

Background Articles:
"Mendel's Accountant: A biologically realistic forward-time population genetics program". , by J. Sanford, J. Baumgardner, W. Brewer, P. Gibson, and W. Remine. SCPE. 8(2), July 2007, pp. 147-165.
- "Darwinian Failure in Light of Mendel's Accountant",
by Dr. Sanford (unpublished)

The M. A. Computer Program and Manuals
- Mendel's Accountant Website
- Mendel's Accountant Manual (PDF Format)
- Mendel's Accountant Article (PDF Format)



Mini-Unit- Ethology (Animal Behavior)
Feb 28 to March 4 (One Week, then Break!)

DAY 1 - Homework Monday & Tuesday Nights:
READ the following articles carefully!

* Take notes on these . . . GRADED

(You will be QUIZZED on them during the week)
1 - Elephant Family Breakdown
2 - Elephant Teen Gangs vs. Big Bulls
3 - Elephant Self-Recognition


DAYS 2 & 3 - ANIMAL "NEPHESH": Self-Recognition

In class .... as the week unfolds
LAB-ACTIVITY (Sheet in Class) Ethology
(Quiz Grade)

* Elephant Self-Rec Graph Interpretation (Quiz Grade)

- All will be due Thursday for Periods 1&2, and Friday for 4&8

Term 4 Tentative Agenda - Almost done :-)

1. Microbiology / Fungi (Chs 24-28)
2. Plants (Ch 30-33)
3. Zoology (Invertebrates / Vertebrates Ch 34-45)
4. Ecology (Eden - Earth - Heaven) (Ch 19-23)

Tentative Dates: March 14 to March 23

UNIT 11 - MICROBIOLOGY (Viruses, Bacteria, Protists, Fungi)

Chapters 24-28 WORD DOC Notes: Microbiology Summary
*** The WORD DOC is all you will need for the quiz & test.
** The PowerPoints have visuals for further understanding.
- PowerPoint Chapters 24-25 Notes: Viruses & Bacteria
- PowerPoint Chapters 26-28 Notes: Protists & Fungi

QUIZ:  Date -
Thursday March 17 for Periods 1 & 2
Friday March18 for Periods 4 & 8
ONLY Chs 24-25 Viruses & Bacteria (50 questions - 2 points each)
Study Guide for the QUIZ  (Word Doc)


Graph / Math Application Practice:
Date: To be announced

TEST: (Only on 26-28 Protists, & Fungi)
NEW Dates due to calendar pile up of tests
- Periods 1 & 2 Thursday 24th // Periods 4 & 8 Fri 25th
Study Guide for the TEST  (Word Doc)

Optional Recommended Resources for further study of Microbiology

 - (Scientists)
Just a few of the 100's of PhD creationists who are active in research and teaching.
* Dr. Ian Macreadie - Molecular and Microbiology
* Dr. Kimberly Berrine - Microbiology & Immunology
* Prof. Vladimir Betina - Microbiology, Biochemistry & Biology

- (Books, Videos, etc)
* (Book) BIOHAZARD, by Ken Alibek, the former head of the Soviet bioweapons department.
The Chilling True Story of the Largest Covert Biological Weapons Program in the World Told
* (Book) Germs: Biological Weapons and America's Secret War

- (Online Articles)
* (ICR) "The "Evolution" of Antibiotic Resistance", by Daniel Criswell, PhD
* (AiG) "Virus “evolution” benefits mankind?" by Dr. Georgia Purdom, PhD 2006

* (CMI) "The adaptation of bacteria to feeding on nylon waste"
* (CMI) "Did God make pathogenic viruses?"
* (CMI) "Anthrax and antibiotics: Is evolution relevant?"
* (ICR) "Just How Simple Are Bacteria?"

- (Online Animations / Video Clips)
* Bacteria Eater Virus (Bacteriophage)
* Herpes Simplex Virus



Special Unit 12 - ACT Prep:
Graph Analysis and Math Application

Unit Purpose:
Over the years, the modern-Western educational system has adopted "standardized" (committee produced) testing with the assumption that it is a valid and effective method for evaluating current progress and future potential of both teachers and students.
* Tests such as the ACT have become the make or break key to college entrance. Even though there is a great deal of research on both sides of the debate of such assumptions, the current reality is that a student's grade on the ACT will determine college entrance, possible TOPS & stipends.
* However, the "Science" section of the ACT does not really test for science content. The ACT science section actually is a test of a student's IQ and skill at analytical thinking, especially regarding graph analysis and math application. Nothing can increase a student's IQ, but analytical skills can be learned and improved.
* Therefore, it is vital that students planning on college need to regularly practice graph analysis and math application.

Unit Method:
This will be a unit applying these crucial skills, while learning:
1. How & why the standardized tests are created.
2. Tips/Tricks to efficiently scan test questions for needed information.
(avoiding the test makers' intentional "distracters")
3. Tips/Tricks for effectively answering standardized test questions.
4. As our year unfolds, each new science unit will include more graphs and math application to further practice these skills.
5. I recommend that parents/students also practice at home, using suggested internet sites in the OPTIONAL box below.

- TIPS for the ACT Science Section
- High School Sample 1 Questions

QUIZ GRADE: for effort on the mock test

* I will NOT be grading the mock (practice) test for accuracy.
* To get a good quiz grade you must demonstrate sincere diligence.

- Underline /circle words or phrases that you think are significant.
- You can even draw lines from term to phrase, etc
- In addition you might make a "brief" comment or two on the side
- Some find it helpful to put the number of a question next to parts of the paragraph that seem to answer that question.

Because of the 10th grade field trip Thur,
I will not have time to create a test :-)
Maybe later in the term, I'll get to it :-(


- The test's length, divisions,
- Your strategy for applying the tips for efficient/effective time mgmt
- A practice passage with questions, to demonstrate your application


(Links for more practice at home)
- Practice ACT Science Test
- ACT Science Test
- Sample Science Questions Pt. 1
- Sample Science Questions Pt. 2
- Helpful VIDEO Tips for the ACT Science Section

Video1 (Intro 10 min)

Video 2 (Passage 1) 8 min

Video 3 (Passage 2)

Video 4 (Passage 3)

Video 5 (Passage 4)

Video 6 (Passage 5)

Video 7 (Passage6)

Video 8 (Passage 7)

(Understanding issues behind the standardized testing debate)
* Many of these also present tips and tricks for better test taking

- "How to Beat the ACT Science Section"
The most important thing to realize is that you don't have to know anything about science. You just have to answer the question."

- ACT Science Section
"Though the passages and questions focus on scientific topics, they do not require students to recall specific scientific facts. Instead, students are asked to understand, analyze, and evaluate information using the various paragraphs, graphs, tables, charts, and diagrams that make up each passage."

- ACT Science Reasoning
". . . . Remember, the test is about scientific reasoning, so even if you don’t remember many content details, you’ll still probably be able to figure out the answers to many of the questions . . . ."


". . . you don't need to be a science whiz to do well on the ACT. In fact, the science test is really assessing your ability to read and understand graphs, scientific hypotheses, and research summaries. Students who do well with critical reading often do well on the Science Reasoning Test."

- "The ACT Science Myth"
"The conventional wisdom says that the ACT science section tests a student’s knowledge of science. This idea seems to come from the name itself–at first blush, it seems like a pretty reasonable assumption that something called the Science section is a test of Science. But trained test-takers know better. One of the fundamental rules about standardized tests is that they never, ever, ever test exactly what they claim to be testing. (They can’t, because standardization makes it impossible, which is why I recommend gaming standardized tests). So if you know standardized tests, you know the ACT is not testing how well you’ve done in your science classes."


UNIT 13 -  BOTANY, The PLANT Kingdom
April 4 to April 15 (Summarizing Chapters 30-32)

NOTES PPT - Plant Kingdom Notes    
- Bio-Logic Analytical Questions (WORD Document)
* These will be on the test.

QUIZ (In class) Date:
          * Periods 1 & 2 Thur April 7
          * Periods 4 & 8 Fri April 8
     - PPT Quiz Study Guide
          * Plant Charts     * Plant Life Cycles    

Creation Adventure Hike - Plant Collection / Identification
* Possible Extra Credit if you do this little research activity

Graph Interpretation
- Math Application Activity Seed Germination/Temp

- Photoperiodism

TEST (In class) Date:
          * Periods 1 & 2 Thur April 14 /// * Periods 4 & 8 Fri April 15
               TEST STUDY GUIDE 

* Focus on the parts we emphasized / highlighted in class.
* Know the major terms and principles.
* Use the textbook to clarify any concepts as needed.

Optional Supplements:       
Recommended Resources for further study
         - (Audio / Video)  
           * You'll find a number of selections at the bottom of that page.
         - (Articles)
                * "The Oldest Tree in the World"
                               (Supports the dating of the Genesis Flood)
                * "Tree ring dating (Dendrochronology)" by Dr. Batten
                *  "Did Plants Evolve" by Alexander Williams
                * "How Did Fish and Plants Survive the Flood",
                               by Dr. Batten and Dr. Sarfati
        - (Links) 
                *  Featured Scientist: Creationist Plant Physiologist,
                                Dr Geoff Downes, B.Sc. (Hons), Ph.D.

I-Term Week:
Administrative Department ACT Prep
Special Unit for practice ACT Sci sections

Only two days of class per course this week.

Unit 14 - Subphylum Animalia Vertebrata
Ch's 34, 41-45

NOTES - WORD DOC Kingdom ANIMALIA Subphylum Vertebrata
** This is a large packet of notes, so begin studying it now!

NOTES - PPT Presentation Ch 34 (PPT file)
NOTES - PPT Presentation Ch 41-45 (PPT file)

Study Guide for the QUIZ 
QUIZ in class:  


STUDY GUIDE for the Test
Ch's 41-45 plus Ch 34 for the QUIZ 
TEST in class:   Date =
Dates Wed




May 2 to May 16 - 2011


(Integrating information from all our course's units)

"CDD" Hikes in our NCS ecosystems
*treatment we all need for Creation Deficit Disorder

- Textbook Chapters 19-22 in MODERN BIOLOGY
Similar Outline as Life Science, yet much greater depth & breadth
with special applications re:
* Gulf Oil Disaster AND * U. N. Rights for "Mother Nature"

Notes (Word Document)
Notes (PowerPoint Presentation)
* Supplement: Graph Guide PPT

to the Good Shepherd's promise of a NEW EARTH

(Genesis 1-3; Romans 8; Revelation 19-22)

QUIZ -   Dates: Hrs 1&2 Thur May 5 // Hrs 4&8 Fri May 6
Study Guide for the Quiz (NOT due for a grade)


* GULF OIL ECO-DISASTER (Unit Application Links)
Last Year 2010 . . .
- LDWF (LA Dept Wildlife & Fisheries) Wildlife Rescue (VIDEO)
- Wildlife Affected by Oil Spills in the Past
- Sea Turtles Affected by Gulf Oil "Spill"
This Year 2011 . . .
- Final Government Report on Gulf Oil Spill (PDF file)
- Oil Eating Bacteria Helped Reduce Oil Damage


* Exo/Astro Biology

(Extraterrestrial Life?)

Atheist Dr. Dawkins said aliens may have seeded earth.
Many leading environmentalist believe UFO's are aliens
or transdimensional beings here to save EARTH from
global warming, nuclear waste, etc.

- "UFOlogy: The World's Fastest Growing Scientific Religion"
- DVD by Gary Bates (Alien Abductions & UFO's Exposed)
- "Did God Create Life on other Planets", by Bates
- ABC News Video of UFO over Jerusalem ?
- Former Air Force Officers Claim UFO Reality ?
(Video of these Officers press conference 2010)
- SETI Project of the Government to find Intelligent Aliens

Jesus in Matthew 24 and Paul in 2 Thess 2 describe a great delusion coming in the last days that will deceive many all across the world into believing "The Lie" - that man can become "god-like" (evolve into "gods", self-deification like Lucifer).

* Global Warming, Japan's Nuclear Eco-Disaster ...
- DVD "The Great Global Warming Debate" 2010

- News Report on U.N. Debate
- News Report on Obama Czar, Jones, support



TEST -   Dates: Hrs 1&2 Thur May 12 // Hrs 4&8 Fri May 13
Study Guide for the Test NOT due for a grade

RECOMMENDED RESOURCE, by Dr. Andrew Snelling, Geologist


Final Exam 2011

Comprehensive and Cumulative
DATE for Science Exams = Wednesday May 25

* Biology Study Guide
with Hints was handed out in class

Below: how to use the Study Guide as you review concepts (bio-parts to bio-processes, etc) beyond mere definitions of terms.

- Use any of my GSI Search Boxes at the TOP of any page
* I set up with Google to search my entire site
(see the shadow arrow below)

- Type into the search box what you want to locate on my site

* A Phrase ... to locate notes that explain "binomial nomenclature", then type that entire phrase in quotation marks into the box and hit the [Search GSI] button below it.

* A Term ... to locate notes that explain "ecology", type "ecology" into the search box and hit the [Search GSI] button below it.
..... the SCREEN SHOT you see below shows a number of documents on my website that mention "ecology".
..... the arrow is pointing to the LINK for the Biology Doc Notes Ch19_22_Ecology_Creation_PPT.doc. Click it and it will open so you can then do a Control-F search to get to the explanation of "ecology".

** Back to the Course Outline near the top of this page

"GOODBYE till next year ..."


Below You'll Find Some
FUN EXTRA Material

Related to the Course
& Our Class Animals


A few of our past & current classroom animal teaching assistants . . .

"SHELLY" our new rescue rehabilitation science application assistant!
Shelly was attacked by a dog who chewed off the back of her shell ...


Big Baby Huey
(VIDEO HERE - rescued Great Horned Owl - young fledgling)

(2nd Video of Huey watching our Squirrel Zoe)

* See also Video of The Squirrel Brothers Acrobatic Team

Autum (Barred Owl) .................. Zoe (Squirrel)

Bambi (Deer Fawn)

(More pics / videos on Mr. Galloway's Facebook - ask your parents)

The owl was hit by a car & had severe head injury - but was rehabbed & released. The deer was also hit in the head & partially paralyzed (temporarily we hope). It was transferred to a veterinarian for X-rays, IV fluids, and medication. Zoe was born deformed with no tail and only 3 feet. She will live with us for life :-)

Rescued Raccoon 2008

NCZoo Rescue Center (Ark)

Mr. Galloway & Mandy 30 yrs ago at the Audubon Zoo
(Just an OLD sheepdog zookeeper of the Good Shepherd)



Recommended Website of Dr. A. E. Wilder-Smith (Christian / Young Earth Creationist) is one of very few scientists who earned three doctorates in physical sciences from prestigious universities - Oxford, then Geneva, and finally Zurich.  The website memorializing his work and life,, contains a wealth of material, including videos, audios, articles, and books, for the scientific scholar as well as the layman.


Recommended DVD - "HOW TEXTBOOKS MISLEAD", by Dr Don Batten


“Facts” are not neutral —
and neither is education.

"Do you know what your children learn in school? Dr Don Batten investigates the evolutionary teaching in a typical biology text used in senior high school. The textbook uses many deceitful, out-of-date and even fraudulent arguments to indoctrinate students in evolution (everything made itself without a Creator). Be prepared to equip our youth with answers!"
(High School–Adult) 50min.










Recommended Books -

* See the Recommended Resources Page as well




book_unprotectedFor Parents to help prepare students for the Cultural Confusion of College
UNPROTECTED: A Campus Psychiatrist Reveals How Political Correctness

Book Review -
"Here are important facts you must know about well-intentioned counselors who are more committed to political correctness than to students’ physical and psychological safety—written clearly and passionately by a dedicated psychiatrist. This book tells all. -- Nicholas A. Cummings, Ph.D., Sc.D., Former President, American Psychological Association; Distinguished Professor, University of Nevada, Reno; President, Cummings Foundation for Behavioral Health.

"This book is a thunderous call for a truly honest discussion in society, but more importantly, between college-bound students and their parents. It is one of the few books I have read that can be a light on the path to health for our society that is, in certain areas, the university in particular, very sick. It is an absolute must read. -- Joe S. McIlhaney, M.D.

"This is a punch-in-the-gut powerhouse of a book by a very brave clinician. The message is provocative and profound. . . . I wish others had the guts to speak out in a similar fashion. -- Cal Colarusso, M.D., Training and Supervising Analyst, San Diego Psychoanalytic Institute


Hooked: New Science on How Casual Sex is Affecting Our Children (Hardcover), M.D. Joe S. McIlhaney Jr, M.D. Freda Bush

DR. JOE S. MCILHANEY is a board-certified obstetrician gynecologist who resides in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Marion. In 1995, he left his private practice of 28 years to devote his full-time attention to working with the Medical Institute for Sexual Health, a nonprofit medical educational research organization he established in 1992.

DR. FREDA BUSH is a board-certified obstetrician gynecologist and a partner in private practice with East Lakeland OB-GYN Associates in Jackson, Mississippi.


Publisher's Description: "Society tells us that sex is an act of self-expression, a personal choice .... Millions of American teenagers and young adults are finding that the psychological baggage of such behavior is having a real and lasting impact on their lives. They are discovering that “hooking up” is the easy part, but “unhooking” from the bonds of a sexual relationship can have serious consequences. A practical look into new scientific research showing how sexual activity causes the release of brain chemicals which then result in emotional bonding and a powerful desire to repeat the activity. This book will help parents and singles understand that “safe sex” isn't safe at all; that even if they are protected against STD's and pregnancy, they are still hurting themselves and their partner."




An Academic Use For Your I-Phone/I-Touch



Go to my GSI: Links Resources to see how your (and your student's) iphone or itouch can become the

most powerful study tool yet imagined . . .


... instead of a time wasting toy full of mind wasting games.



Literally, over 200,000 books (Bibles, old classics, textbooks) study guides and reference tools, etc, are already available.

Hundreds more being offered every week.






An introductory word about "ORIGINS" SCIENCE - The Beginning

Note: Biblical Creation is in sync with 1000's of respected PhD scientists:
* Dr. Raymond Damadian, Inventor of the MRI
* Dr. John Baumgardner, World renowned geophysicist, Los Alamos
* Dr. Andrew Snelling, Geologist, author Earth's Catastrophic Past
* Dr. John Sanford, Respected geneticist, Cornell University
            -- author of Genetic Entropy: The Mystery of the Genome
* Dr. Russ Humphreys, Astrophysicist, Sandia National Labs, etc.
            -- author of (Starlight and Time) (Evidences Young World Booklet)
 * Dr. John Hartnett, Prof. Univ. West Australia, astrophysics, etc.
            -- author of: (Dismantling the Big Bang) (Starlight Time New Physics)
 * etc, etc . . . . .  

The Age of the Universe - Time Scales - Einstein's Relativity . . .
The following quote from creationary astrophysicist Dr. John Hartnett demonstrates the wonderful way science magnifies the accuracy of God's Word in Genesis:

"The simplest way to calculate the age of the universe, within the Big Bang worldview, is to wind its expansion back to zero. This is called the 'Hubble Age' because it is the inverse of the Hubble expansion constant. The best current estimate is 15 billion years, with an uncertainty of +/- 2 billion years."

". . . . While we do not accept all the assumptions that underlie these figures, there is no doubt that distance alone, plus a constant speed of light, yields a light-transit time far in excess of the biblical time scale, so we do accept the idea of an "old" cosmos within its own frame of reference, but the entire universe is young in earth-clock terms."

"Time dilation models can explain . . . . light from those distant galaxies took billions of years of galaxy time to reach earth, but the light that arrived here on creation day 4 (of earth-time, having traveled billions of years in galaxy-time) was the first light emitted from the newly created galaxies. So Adam and Eve would have been able to view them (had they been able to see them through a modern telescope) in their created positions. We today are seeing them 6,000 years after their creations as measured by earth clocks (even though the light took billions of years as measured by galaxy clocks to get here)."
[emphasis added]

Dismantling the Big Bang: God's Universe Rediscovered, pp. 199-201, by John Hartnett, PhD (astrophysics - University of Western Australia)
- See also Starlight, Time, and the New Physics, by Dr. Hartnett, in which he expands mathematically on the models of Einstein and Carmeli to answer many of the past problems associated with both the big bang and creation models.
- See also the article by Dr. Mark Harwood entitled, "How can distant starlight reach us in just 6,000 years?". Dr. Harwood's research has focused around the development and use of radiotelescopes.

Please remember that:
- Einstein showed time is a real property of the universe . . .
- Time is relative and actually changes due to gravity, velocity . . .
- Einstein's theories have been expanded by Carmeli, Harnett . . .
- The universe expanded (God "stretched out the heavens")
- Its age literally depends on your space/time perspective . . .
- So a relatively young universe can be billions of light-years in size.



Annual Biology Class "Touched by an Elephant" Trip
(Me & my daughter Kathleen with my old zookeeper friends, Jean & Panya)

squirrel_zoe_sid_hat squirrel_zoe_spinach_twist

Zoe, our handicapped squirrel
(Born with no tail and only three legs)

Click on the owl below for the textbook site
(Remember, this is a secular and macro-evolutionary text.)

** See the Course Outline near the TOP of this page

© Sid Galloway BS, M.Div.
Just an old sheepdog of the Good Shepherd