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Human Trafficking & Slavery
Don't Just Happen
(Jesus said in Mark 7:21-23)

Would a "good" God design
"survival of the fittest"
as His WAY?
(Isaiah 65:25)

Grand Canyon Expedition
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Rights - Any discussion about human rights (slavery, oppression) or animal rights (cruelty, abuse) must first address our Creator's rights. He has the right to command how we treat both His people and His animals.


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Responsibilities - Jesus said the root cause of suffering in this world is a distorted view of and/or the rejection of the true WAY of our Creator. (John 8:1-59)

Mistakes - Man's self-serving, misguided, mischaracterizations of God have historically led to personal and cultural conflict, corruption, and collapse.

Hope - Discovering the WHO?, the WHY?, and the "WAY"? of origins is the foundation for true transformation.

Change - Truly lasting change for individuals and cultures must begin at the cornerstone - the Creator of creation.

"Squirt" the Otter

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"Boatie" - Lizaboa

"Then I looked again
at all the acts of oppression
which were being done
under the sun.
And behold I saw the tears
of the oppressed
and that they had no one
to comfort them;
and on the side
of their oppressors was power,
but they had no one
to comfort them."

Ecclesiastes 4:1

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Bible Exposition

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Genesis 1:1

Communicating conclusions from 100's of PhD scholars (& children)
Supporting the authority of His Word & the consistency of His character

Human Rights? Slavery? - Animal Rights? Cruelty?
What about God's right to command compassion for all of His creatures?

HISTORY (His-story)
Alpha to Omega - The Beginning to the End
Genesis to Revelation

The Creation and Consummation of His-story
are Inseparably Linked

Recommended Resources -

Creation (Origins):

A consistent "Worldview" must begin at
"the beginning" with questions involving both
theology and science:
(Atheistic-Evolution vs. Theistic-Creation

Dr. Norman Nevin PhD Professor Emeritus 
Medical Genetics, Queen's University
No coherent, cohesive theology has yet been offered
that would allow Christians to embrace evolution with integrity.
has uncovered a great deal of empirical evidence
that is challenging the Darwinian paradigm.
then do so many want to embrace it?
It appears that the only possible reason is the fear
of appearing intellectually inferior to the academic consensus.” 
p. 220

Examples of world renowned scientists that are also courageously biblical, Christian/Creationists standing against censorship and peer-pressure persecution to speak the truth about our Creator and His Good Shepherd character.  They include:

- inventor of the MRI, Dr. Raymond Damadian MD
- inventor of the Gene Gun at Cornell, professor John Sanford PhD
- inventor of the geophysics model at Los Alamos, Dr. Baumgardner PhD
- respected PhD geologists Snelling, Austin, Silvestru, Thomson, ...
- respected PhD physicists & astrophysicists McIntosh, Hartnett/Humphreys/Lisle, Faulkner, ...
- respected PhD biologists/geneticists/chemists Menton, Jeanson, Tomkins, Truman, Nevin, Barnard, Lumsden, Eirich, Kenyon, ...

* There are actually 1,000's of PhD scientists from all fields,
who accept natural selection (micro-evolution - the selection of existing genes), but reject macroevolution through mutations.

See - Logos Research Associates

logos research associates

See also -
See also -
See also -

See also -

Consummation of His-story (End Times):

ISRAEL AND THE CHURCH: The Origin and Effects of Replacement Theology,
by Dr. Ronald E. Diprose


* The Master's Seminary review (Dr. Varner):
"A scholarly work emanating from Europe that defends a premillennial view of Israel and the church is an unexpected surprise. Yet that is what Ronald Diprose has written. Diprose is Academic Dean at the Evangelical Italian Bible Institute in Rome and is Editor of the theological journal Lux Biblica. An American who studied at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Diprose received his doctorate from the Evangelical Theological Faculty in Leuven, Belgium. ... (read the full review)

-- Dr. John MacArthur, President, The Master's Seminary
"Without a clear understanding of the place of Israel in the grand scheme of redemptive history, it is impossible to understand rightly what the Bible says about the future--including the return of Christ, the triumph of his kingdom on earth and the culmination of God's plan for the ages. Romans 11 is emphatic (and many other passages of Scripture affirm) that God is not finished with national Israel. Promises originally made to Abraham are yet to be fulfilled. Ron Diprose masterfully draws together the major threads of biblical prophecy that are tied to Israel and shows why this theme, woven through all of Scripture, is essential to a right understanding of where history is headed."

-- Dr. Peter Beyerhaus, Emeritus Professor, The University of Tabingen
"Ronald E. Diprose's book is an extremely important and timely contribution to the understanding of Israel's place in God's redemptive purpose."

Other recommended works on Eschatology ...

Dr. John MacArthur
- (Audio) Why Every Self Respecting Calvinist Should be a Premillennialist
- (Video) Creation, Theology, and the End of the Universe

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum
- (Book) Messianic Christology
- (Audio/Video) The Rapture of the Church (Parts 1-10)

Dr. Richard Mayue
- (Audio) The Pretribulation Rapture of the Church (Parts 1-3)

God's Gospel (Good News)

See also the seminar sample: "Evidence for the Bible"

Past articles from the old website will be added as the transfer unfolds:

* See the long list down below focusing on Genesis and Revelation

NEW articles will be uploaded as well, when time allows:

* Genesis 1-11 "Nephesh: It's Purpose and Priority in Creation"

Prerequisite Principles for "Biblical Exposition"

Epistemology in a Post-Modern World -
* See also Dr. Al Mohler's article, "Is Truth Really Plural".

From Inerrancy to Hermeneutics to Exegesis to Exposition:

The following lengthy quote from Dr. MacArthur sets the foundation -

"First, the true text must be used. We are indebted to those select scholars who labor tediously in the field of textual criticism. Their studies recover the original text of Scripture from the large volume of extant manuscript copies which are flawed by textual variants. This is the starting point. Without the text as God gave it, the preacher would be helpless to deliver it as God intended.

Second, having begun with a true text, we need to interpret the text accurately. The science of hermeneutics is in view.

As a theological discipline hermeneutics is the science of the correct interpretation of the Bible. It is a special application of the general science of linguistics and meaning. It seeks to formulate those particular rules which pertain to the special factors connected with the Bible .... Hermeneutics is a science in that it can determine certain principles for discovering the meaning of a document, and in that these principles are not a mere list of rules but bear organic connection to each other. It is also an art as we previously indicated because principles or rules can never be applied mechanically but involve the skill (technmae) of the interpreter. (Bernard Ramm, Protestant Biblical Interpretation, 11)

Third, our exegesis must flow from a proper hermeneutic. Of this relationship, Bernard Ramm observes that hermeneutics,

...stands in the same relationship to exegesis that a rule-book stands to a game. The rule-book is written in terms of reflection, analysis, and experience. The game is played by concrete actualization of the rules. The rules are not the game, and the game is meaningless without the rules. Hermeneutics proper is not exegesis, but exegesis is applied hermeneutics. (Ibid.)

So exegesis is the skillful application of sound hermeneutical principles to the Biblical text in the original language with a view to understanding and declaring the author's intended meaning both to the immediate and subsequent audiences. In tandem, hermeneutics and exegesis focus on the Biblical text to determine what it said and what it meant originally (cf. John D. Grassmick, Principles and Practice of Greek Exegesis, 7). Thus, exegesis in its broadest sense will include the various disciplines of literary criticism, historical studies, grammatical exegesis, historical theology, biblical theology and systematic theology. Proper exegesis will tell the student what the text says, what the text means, and how the text applies personally.

Fourth, we are now ready for a true exposition. Based on the flow of thinking that we have just come through, I assert that expository preaching is really exegetical preaching and not so much the homiletical form of the message. Merrill Unger accurately noted:

It is not the length of the portion treated, whether a single verse or a larger unit, but the manner of treatment. No matter what the length of the portion explained may be, if it is handled in such a way that its real and essential meaning as it existed in the light of the overall context of Scripture is made plain and applied to the present-day needs of the hearers, it may properly be said to be expository preaching. (Merrill F. Unger, Principles of Expository Preaching, 33)

As a result of this exegetical process that began with inerrancy, the expositor is equipped with a true message, with true intent and with true application. It gives him preaching perspective historically, theologically, contextually, literarily, synoptically and culturally. His message is God's intended message.

Now because this all seems so patently obvious, we might ask, "How did the church ever lose sight of inerrancy's relationship to preaching?" Let me suggest that the current drift is nothing other than the legacy of liberalism."

Dr. MacArthur's explanation above is consistently logical, showing the "organic" (inseparable) connection between biblical inerrancy, interpretation, and belief. In contrast, the following quotes from the secularly acclaimed, pulitzer prize winning, Jon Meacham in AMERICAN GOSPEL, illustrate the inconsistent, confusion-producing methodology of liberalism:

"If anything, competing scriptural citations stand a good chance of exacerbating tensions and fueling unhealthy, possibly destructive passions, for if both sides fight with what each considers the inerrant word of God, it is difficult to see how such battles can be reasonably settled. What is essential - and what has long been part of religious intellectual traditions - is to draw not only on scripture but on reason and on experience . . . ." (p. 127)

Note that Meacham makes at least three serious logical errors by assumption. First he assumes that "battles" over interpretation are due to the doctrine of inerrancy, when the battles actually come from self-serving hearts (James 4:1-3). His second erroneous assumption is that Christians who believe in biblical inerrancy do not use reason or historical context in their hermeneutic methods. Meacham's third assumption is that whatever "science" claims at any time must be truth. While he rightly says that human interpretations can be wrong, he only applies that caution to interpretations of the Bible not to scientists interpretations of science evidence. The reality is that the history of science is filled with hypotheses, theories, and even scientific laws that were found to be wrong interpretations.

The truth is that all recognized scholars who believe the Bible is inerrant have clearly written about and demonstrated in practice that logical analysis and historical context are essential to accurate hermeneutics. Remember Dr. MacArthur's explanation of inerrancy and interpretation quoted above, and see the transcript of Larry King's interview with MacArthur and Meacham:

Sadly, Meacham's view of Scripture and how to know the truth degenerates as he continues his discussion in AMERICAN GOSPEL. He uses the common misrepresentation of history regarding Galileo and the "Church" to justify his exaltation of man's reason over God's revelation:

". . . . if reason leads humankind to discover a truth that seems to be incompatible with the Bible, then the interpretation of scripture should give way to the rational conclusion. . . . Guided by these lights [scientific and social advances], believers however slowly removed the biblical support for the ideas that the earth, not the sun, is the physical center of the universe . . . . " p. 127-128.

Once again, Meacham ers by multiple assumptions and either unintentionally or deliberately mischaracterizes and misrepresents both history as well as Christians who believe the Bible is inerrant. First of all, during the days of Galileo, it was the politically correct scientific leaders of his time that stood most strongly against his heliocentric views. (See the technical article, "The Galileo Affair", by Thomas Schirrmacher). Second, Meacham continues to assume that Christians who believe in biblical inerrancy do not accept reason and scientific methods. The fact is that systematic, scientific methodologies arose out of the Judeo-Christian cultural mindset, due to the Bible's command to think logically and believe based on evidence (Prov 14:15; Heb 11:1).

The question for all of us is one of epistemology. Who or what is the ultimate authority for truth? Is it man's mind or God's graphae (written Scripture)? Is it both of these sources equally or is it one just a little bit higher than the other? Is it possible that the Bible really is God's inerrant Word to His creatures, which though not being a science textbook, is accurate when it speaks about scientific issues?

These are not minor issues, for they are the very foundation upon which to build any system of belief and practice, whether theology or science. If God really did guide the writing of the Bible, i.e. the consistent recording of His message through 40 unique authors over a period of 1,500 years, without allowing the infection of human error, then it alone is the absolute authority over man's feelings and opinions. It is the a priori standard by which man's ideas should be evaluated.

Does an inerrant Bible still require interpretation by fallible people? Absolutely! That is why the careful, prayerful, logical process of hermeneutics must be applied. Interpretive iron sharpening is actually good and necessary, not destructive as Meacham claims. When biblical inerrantists debate their interpretations and compare their hermeneutical evidences in humility and love, it has historically served to ensure the correction, integrity, and accuracy of biblical belief.

In glaring contrast, Meacham's liberal, post-modern view that the Bible is in error and not "the" truth makes man the ultimate authority on truth. This post-modern worldview and epistemology is what leads to battles, confusion, uncertainty, and eventually to absolute relativism - where every man believes and does what is right in his own eyes (Prov 21:2).


History (His-story)
from the Beginning to the End

Eden/Rebellion/Flood/Babel/Israel/Cross/Church/Judgment/New Earth

Genesis -------------------------- The Revelation

The Above pdf TIMELINE of His/story is from

While the Gospels focus on Jesus as the central core of Scripture, any student of His-Story would do well to begin at the beginning, Genesis. The first book of the Bible, especially the first 12 chapters, is the foundation of the rest of God's Word.

After reading Genesis, a focus on the Gospels as the centerpiece in the Bible's jigsaw puzzle of history points the spotlight on Messiah Jesus. His unique person and work was prophesied hundreds of times before He entered space and time as a man, fulfilled before eyewitnesses, and recorded for us in the Gospels.

After reading the Gospels, it can then be helpful to fast forward to the end - Revelation. Jumping to the end can actually help provide the full scope and context in which God's plan will sovereignly unfold.

Beware of the modern anti-Christian propaganda promoted on many popular TV shows and movies that portrays the God of the Bible as an out of control, vindictive tyrant. In contrast, remember, that God's primary consequence for man's rebellion throughout history is that He partially withdraws His Hand of protective provision (1 Peter 5:5-9). God holds all things in order (Heb 1:3) and has given responsible choice to man. When man chooses to turn away from God's Way and instead wants self-deification, God honors that choice and withdraws. To whatever degree He withdraws (separates from sin) is the degree to which disaster naturally results. The wages of sin is devolution: that is, death, decay, escalating entropy/disorder (allowing the second law of thermodynamics to go beyond its original function, becoming a cosmic cancer). 

*  The second law of thermodynamics was functional before Adam sinned, such as in the process of digestion, chemical processes, etc., but death and disease were not. For example, the harmony of Eden degenerated into violent dysfunction, as Adam's sin began a separation of the world from God.  The global flood in Noah's time resulted from God letting go even further, allowing the breaking up of the original supercontinent and a rapid series of catastrophic surface destroying events:

- See technical articles, by Dr. John Baumgardner, one of the world's foremost geophysicist (Los Alamos Laboratories) describing an amazingly accurate "Flood Model" instead of the old "Vapor Canopy" model. They involve Catastrophic Plate Tectonics, Runaway Subduction, and Super Heated Steam Jets. So keep in mind that the old Vapor Canopy model may be an inaccurate interpretation

- Also see the book, GENETIC ENROPY, by Dr. John Sanford of Cornell University, showing the long ages recorded in Genesis as fitting the mathematically calculated lower mutation load of the human genome thousands of years ago.

When Israel sinned, God withdrew His hand of protective provision, and allowed locusts and enemy armies to invade.  Two thousand years ago, in order to pay in full the penalty (absolute separation) that we all deserve, God the Father withdrew His Hand of protection from Jesus, and allowed men to kill "the Lamb of God". 

At the end of this corrupted age, the ultimate consequence will involve an exponential escalation of entropy/disorder (Luk 21:25-28; 2 Peter 3:1ff; Rev 6:1-18), when even the forces that hold the cosmic and atomic structures together will be allowed to degrade into chaos (terminal entropy).  Then God will, as He promised, recreate new heavens and a new earth, in which the lion, the wolf, and the lamb will once again lay down together in peace and harmony (Isa 11:1ff & 65:1ff; Romans 8:1ff).  And who knows, maybe then I'll get to go back to my favorite job, a zookeeper!

The Devolution of God's Creation
(The Downward Socialization Sindrome that Dishonors His Image)

Deception >
            Doubt >
                        Disloyalty >
                                    Disrespect >
                                                Disobedience >
                                                            Disorder >
                                                                        Dysfunction >
                                                                                    Destruction >

Yet God's sovereign mercy and grace always made a way to fulfill His plan and its promise (Rom 8:28-29)! God will bring out of this dying world, a remnant of followers, by grace alone through faith alone in the person and sufficient work of Messiah, Jesus, the prophesied seed of a woman, the root of Jesse (Gen 3:1ff; Isa 52:1ff-53:1ff).

Exposition of Genesis - The Beginning

** On the old website, each of the following was a brief
exegetical exposition of the passage.
As time allows, they will be updated and uploaded.

Books of the Bible Chart - For heads of household to teach to their families.
Introduction - History is His Story For His Glory
Genesis 1:1    In the Beginning either God Created or Nothing Exploded?
Genesis 1:2    God's Cosmology: No Gap, God's Character at Stake
Genesis 1:3    Critical Mass: Let There Be Light
Genesis 1:1-5 Day One: As The World Turns (On)
Genesis 1:6-8             Day Two: Firm Enough  
Genesis 1:9-13          Third Day: D.N.A. =  © Designed Not Accidental 
Genesis 1:14-19        Day Four: God's Atomic Cosmic Clock
Genesis 1:20-23        Day Five: Creation of Souls
Genesis 1:24-2:20    Day Six: Adam Before Eve Vegetarian Zookeeper
Genesis 2:1-17          Day Six Continued: God's Way Submissive Socialization
Genesis 2:18-25        Day Six Continued: How to Build a Home or a Church
Genesis 2:21-23        Day Six Cont ... Woman the Glory of Man (1 Cor 11)
Genesis 2:24-25        Eden: The First Country Without Racism
Genesis 3:1-24          The Luciferic Lie: You Can Be Like God
Genesis 3:1a             Satan: That Serpent of Old ( Rev 12:9)
Genesis 3:1b             Dr. Lucifer: Pseudo-Psychotherapist
Genesis 3:1-3            Dangerous Dialogue with the Devil
Genesis 3:4               Denying Death: Hope that Disappoints
Genesis 3:5               Denying Deity: The Search for Self-Deification
Genesis 3:6               Temptation in 3-D
Genesis 3:7-8            A Disordered Family: Always Becomes Dysfunctional
Genesis 3:9-14a       God the Father's Parenting Principles
Genesis 3:14-19       The Father's Corrective Consequences
Genesis 3:14-15       The First Messianic Prophecy: Seed Wars
Genesis 3:20-24       The Tree of Life: Off Limits
Genesis 4:1-24         Cain & Abel: Me & You
Genesis 4:25-5:32    The Adam's Family: Like Father / Like Son
Genesis 6:1-13          God's Reason For The Flood: Rotten Socialization
Genesis 5:1ff & 6:1    Noah: A Faithful Preacher of the Gospel
Genesis 6:1ff-7:1       A Zookeeper Looks at Noah's Ark
Genesis 8:1ff-9:1       God's Rainbow Covenant
Genesis 9:18-10:32   Alcohol, Nakedness, & Devolution
Genesis 11:1-9          Tower of Babel: The Original United Nations Building
Genesis 11:10-32      Israel's Seed Bed
Genesis 12:1-9          Father Abram: Called to Rule & Socialize a Big Family
Genesis 12:10-20      Husband Abram: Sarah's Cross to Bear
Genesis 13:1-14:17      Brother Abram: Lot's Keeper
Genesis 14:18-24      Melchizedek & Jesus (Righteous Kings of Peace)
Genesis 15:1-21        Land of Israel: God's Unilateral Covenant Gift
Genesis 16:1-18:15   Isaac & Ishmael:  God's Way or Man's Way
Genesis 18:16-19:38 The Sinful Socialization of  Sodom
Genesis 20:1ff-21:1   God's Counsel for Dysfunctional Families
Genesis 22:1ff            Isaac on the altar of sacrifice
Genesis 23:1ff-25:1   Patriarch Abraham's Final Days as Husband & Father


Revelation - The End of this Age

(Old) Articles on Biblical Prophecy:

* A Jigsaw Puzzle with Pieces Throughout the Bible

* Interpreting Prophetic Passages: Different Views with Consequences

* Why "Normal" Interpretation is Key to Prophetic/Apocalyptic Passages

* Daniel's 70th Week: Primary Corner Piece in God's Prophetic Puzzle
(in light of Isaiah 1:1ff, Ezekiel 1:1ff, Daniel 1:1ff, Zechariah 1:1ff, Mat 24:1ff, 2 Th 2:1ff; etc)


** Remember, even huge jigsaw puzzles are not really complicated, but simply require patience, diligence, and time to put them together. And when you finally put this one together, the picture is awesome and will draw you to your knees in humble worship - singing Thou art worthy!

By "jigsaw puzzle" I do not condone the common error of merely gathering proof texts out of context and cramming them into a preconceived framework.  To do it properly, each piece, whether it be a word, sentence, or paragraph must be prayerfully and carefully studied in its full context.

Remember, that God, Himself, claimed He would use prophecy to prove His authorship of His Word  (Gen. 3:16; Isaiah 41:22-23; 44:6-8, etc..)  No other religious material on earth claims 100% accuracy in hundreds of predictions of the future to prove that its author is the God who transcends time and space. 

Isaiah 44:6-7
" Thus says the LORD, the King of Israel,
... 'I am the First and I am the Last; ... 
.... who can proclaim as I do? ...
... the things that are coming and shall come."

While every student of the Bible should try to approach it exegetically rather than eisegetically, no student of the Bible is totally unbiased.  We all come to Scripture with some measure of preconceived notions.  So that you'll know where I'm coming from up front, my present position is that the Scripture teaches a pretribulation, premillennial eschatology. 

After comparing the writings of the best scholars from all camps, I believe you will see that the premillennial position most consistently interprets the Bible "normally", and is therefore able to harmonize all of the jigsaw puzzle pieces (Bible verses) together into a coherent picture of God's culmination of His-story. The other views are sincere and should be respected, but they end up having to "spiritualize" and allegorize huge portions of Scripture in order to fit them into their preconceived theologies. 

Instead, we should simply take God at His Word, normally as it is stated, in the context of the entire Bible.  Certainly on occasion, the Scripture uses symbol or allegory, as when Jesus called himself the "door". But the majority of prophecies - both those that have already been fulfilled as well as those yet to be realized - are given to us as literal, historical, people, times, places, and events.  For example, in Daniel 9, the first 69 of the 70 weeks of years were already fulfilled in an amazingly literal manner regarding Jesus' first coming, and this fact is accepted by scholars from each eschatological camp.  Given this fact, the only normal interpretation for the 70th week is that it also will be fulfilled in a literal manner.

The Revelation:
Summary Outline

I. Character of Christ for His Father's Glory - Rev 1:1
A.  Introduction (Rev 1:1-8) Jesus to His servants (Rev 1:4 Church, Rev 6:1 Israel)
B.  Post-Incarnate, glorified Jesus (Rev 1:9-18)

II. Counsel of Christ for the Church - Chapters Rev 2:1ff-3:1ff
A.  Command to Prophesy (Rev 1:19)
B.  Seven Churches Counseled (Rev 1:20) ESP-TS-PL  (Praise before correction!)
C.  Ephesus (Rev 2:1-7)         Loveless
D.  Smyrna (Rev 2:8-11)        Persecuted
E.  Pergamos (Rev 2:12-17)    Compromising
F.  Thyatira (Rev 2:18-29)       Corrupt
G.  Sardis (Rev 3:1-6)             Dying
H.  Philadelphia (Rev 3:7-13)   Revived
I.  Laodicea (Rev 3:14-22)       Lukewarm (no praise)

III. Consequences of Christ for the Church, Israel & the World Rev 4:1-22:1
(Who is to come again!) (Things which will happen soon!)
Are you ready for your future?  The judgment seat of Christ?

A. Church In Heaven
1. The Rapture  (Jesus Rescues His Bride) up to Heaven (Rev 4:1)
2.  The King & His Bride prepare for the future. (Rev 4:1-5:14) (Rev 19:1ff)

B. Tribulation of Israel (Jacob's) Trouble on Earth (Rev 6:1-18:24) (Dan. 70th Week)
1. Seals (Seven) of Judgments (Rev 6:1-8:2), Rev 7:1ff 's encouragement
** Rev 7:1ff Who Can Stand?  Those God Has Chosen, & Who Choose Him
2.  Trumpets (Seven) of Judgments (Rev 8:1ff-9:1ff)
a.  The Little Book  (Rev 10:1ff)
b.  The Two Witnesses (Rev 11:1ff)
3.  Players (Seven) on the Tribulation Stage of His-story (Rev 12:1ff-14:1ff)
(Woman, Child, Dragon, Michael, 144,000, Sea Beast, Earth Beast)
* These three chapters = interlude, zooming in for a personal look at the people.
4.  Bowls (Seven) of Judgments (Rev 15:1ff-16:1ff)
5.  Babel's Final Fall (Rev 17:1ff-18:1ff) The Woman Who Rides The Beast
(The Martyr's Motive & Method:  Loving Our Enemies Into Our Family !)

 C. Christ's Wedding & War (Rev 19:1-21)
(also, Rev 19:1ff & Eph 5:1ff,  "Your Marriage Reflecting Christ's Marriage: For God's Glory & Other's Blessing)
(also, Rev 19:11-16,  "The Real Father's Day:  The Day of the LORD)
(also, Rev 19:17-21,  "Millennium Preparation:  Cleansing Corrupt Creation"
D.  Millennial Kingdom (Rev 20:1-6)
E.  Final Futile Rebellion (Rev 20:7-10)
F.  Great White Throne & Second Death (Rev 20:11-15)
G.  New Heaven & Earth Coming (Rev 21:1-22:15)
H.  Jesus' Promise & Warning for YOU, your family, & your church (Rev 22:16-21)

The Revelation:
Topical Division

Rev 1:1ff          Character of Christ: For His Father's Glory / Our Transformation
Rev 2:1-3:1      Counsel of Christ: For His Church & For You
Rev 4:1-5:1      Consequences for His Church:  Rescues (Raptures) His Bride
Rev 4:1-5:1      Consequences for His Church:  King & Bride Prepare Future
Rev 6:1-19:1    Consequences of Christ:  Tribulation for Israel & the World
Rev 6:1ff          The Seven Seals:  Exponential Escalation of Entropy
Rev 7:1ff          Who Can Stand in the Tribulation? 
Rev 8:1-9:1ff    The Trumpet Judgments:  Wake Up & Smell the Smoke!
Rev 10:1ff        The Little Book:  A Bitter-Sweet Pill to Swallow
Rev 11:1ff        Who Are The Two Witnesses:  "Mercy & Grace"
Rev 12:1-14:1f Seven Players on the Final Stage of His-story
Rev 12:1ff       The Dragon:  Overcoming the Monster of Fear
Rev 13:1ff       The Antichrist:  The Monster's Method of Manipulation
Rev 13:1ff       The Phony Prophet Of Profits $: 
Rev 14:1ff     (see the previous notes for Rev 12:1-14:1ff)
Rev 15:1-16:1ffThe Bowl Judgments: Almost Absolute Entropy
Rev 17:1-18:1ffThe Harlot Who Rides The Beast
Rev 1:1-18:1ff  The Martyr's Motive/Method: Loving Enemies Into Family
Rev 19:1-10      The Marriage of the Lamb & His Bride
Rev 19:1 & Eph 5:1ff Your Marriage - Reflecting Christ's Marriage
Rev 19:11-16    The Real Father's Day:  The Day of the LORD
Rev 19:17-20:3 Millennium Preparation:  Christ Cleanses a Creation
Rev 20:1-6        Millennium :  Even Lions & Lambs in Peace
Rev 20:7-15      Final Consequences of Sin!  Are You Ready?
Rev 21:1-22:1ff A New Creation - To Glorify God & Enjoy Him Forever!


Resources for Further Study:

C. F. Keil and F. Delitzsch, Commentary on the Old Testament in Ten Volumes (Volume I - The Pentateuch). This classic set, especially the first volume, provides overwhelming evidence for the historicity and scientific validity of Holy Scripture.

H. C. Leupold, D.D., Exposition of Genesis, (Vol I, Chapters 1-19). Dr. Leupold's classic commentary on Genesis is highly respected for his consistent position, holding to the inerrancy and sufficiency of God's Word. It is exegetical and yet very practical.

Henry Morris, PhD.. The Genesis Record: A Scientific and Devotional Commentary on the Book of Beginnings. Dr. Morris, (a doctorate in hydrology and president of the Institute in Creation Research) does a masterful job of showing the Bible's awesome, scientific accuracy. In addition, his commentary is filled with solid principles for Christ-honoring life and relationships.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Bible. Originally written in 1706, Matthew Henry's six volume Complete Commentary provides an exhaustive look at every verse in the Bible.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. Treasury of Scripture Knowledge has been an enduring cross-reference resource for Bible students worldwide. This highly respected and nearly exhaustive compilation of cross-references was developed by R. A. Torrey from references in the Rev. Thomas Scott's Commentary and the Comprehensive Bible. With nearly 500,000 cross-references it is the most thorough source available.

Nave's Topical Bible. This reference tool list Bible references under specific topics, including verses that may not actually contain that topic term. For example, under "Marriage" you will find not only verses containing the term "marriage", but also verses that speak of husbands, wives, divorce, etc.. It also contains numerous cross references to related topics.

Strong's Concordance. (An index to every word in the Bible, where it is used. Each word is keyed to both a Greek and Hebrew dictionary in the appendix.)
Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament. (Harris, Archer, Waltke). (Moody Press). This wonderful two volume set is a companion to the Strong's Concordance. It's contents are keyed to the Strong's numbering system and the author's provide in-depth discussions of many significant terms from the OT.

Word Pictures in the New Testament. by A. T. Robertson. (Baker Book House). This series has become a classic in the study of New Testament Greek. The author is one of the most respected Greek scholars, yet this set is written for the laymen who has no knowledge of Greek.

Dr. John MacArthur's New Testament Commentary Series.

"Few commentaries are as valuable to the faithful expositor of the Word of God as the MacArthur New Testament Commentary. The careful exegesis, superb cross-referencing, and theological integrity displayed in each volume is why this series is one of the first that I recommend that my students purchase. I have personally benefited from Dr. MacArthur's diligent study of Scripture and it is my prayer God will continue to multiply his influence for the building up of His Church."
Dr. Danny Akin 
President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC

"All evangelical Christians are grateful for John MacArthur’s faithful, straightforward verse by verse exposition of the Scriptures.  In addition, John understands Reformed theology and this is evident in his NT commentary series.  As a pastor of a local church who loves the Scriptures and appreciates the doctrines of grace, he carefully applies the truths of the Word of God to the people of God to help them lead holy lives for the glory of God.”
Robert C. (Ric) Canada, Jr.
Chancellor and CEO, Reformed Theological Seminary

"Using these commentaries is like looking over the shoulder of [a] master craftsman who is devoted to the Word and devoted to the pulpit.  John MacArthur provides those of us who love to preach and who are learning to preach with a great privilege by letting us have such an intimate view of the calling he pursues so diligently, faithfully and well."
Bryan Chapel, Ph. D.
President Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, MO

"The MacArthur New Testament Commentary series is the gold standard of Bible commentaries, plain and simple.  Not since John Calvin labored in Geneva has one pastor stood in one pulpit and produced one body of divinity such as this.  Exegetical, expository, doctrinal, homiletical, hermeneutical, insightful, pastoral, practical—each is present in this set.    If you were to confine me to a room, in preparation for a sermon, with only an open Bible and one reference tool, this is it—the MacArthur New Testament Commentary, a peerless treasury of exposition.”  Never again in this generation will we see a work of this magnitude produced by one man."
Dr. Steven J. Lawson,
Senior Pastor, Christ Fellowship Baptist Church, Mobile, AL

"Only a handful of epic, one-author NT commentary projects have appeared throughout church history.  The MacArthur NT Commentary represents one of these multi-faceted, rare jewels with exegetical, theological, and expositional cuts.  In the making for over thirty-six years, this monumental writing feat reflects a classic breadth and depth of spiritual value, both for those in the pulpit and in the pew.  I enthusiastically commend the author and his lifetime achievement to all Christians worldwide.”
Richard Mayhue, Th.D.
Executive Vice President, The Master’s College and Seminary
"The MacArthur New Testament Commentary is nothing less than a library of faithful exegesis and exposition.  This project is unparalleled in our times, and John MacArthur has produced a masterful commentary series that demands attention and deserves a place in every preacher’s library—where it should be kept close at hand.  These commentaries remind us all that expository preaching is very much alive.  Each new volume should be greeted with enthusiasm and gratitude."
R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY

"This commentary not only illuminates the Biblical text, but has practical application that is personally beneficial, and also relevant for those teaching and preaching the Word. I, personally, turn to these commentaries often to help me interpret the text and find those transforming principles intended to change our lives."
Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer
Sr. Pastor, The Moody Church, Chicago, IL

"For over 30 years John MacArthur has been serving the Grace Community Church by faithful biblical preaching.  For most all of those years it's been available on tape and then CDs.  Now the fruit from a lifetime of laboring in God's Word is shared with all of us through this series of commentaries.  John MacArthur's respect for the text, love for the Lord, and sympathy with all of us who would follow Christ bring just the right mix of scholarship, reverent reflection, application and pastoral care.  Here one of our best pastor/teachers comes to teach us; we have now but to 'take up and read."
Mark Dever, Ph.D.
Pastor,  Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.

"Dr. MacArthur’s love for the Scripture and his many years of diligent study have resulted in a resource that is a great gift to the Body of Christ. I have found this tool to be a great help as I study the Word and teach it to women. I often refer to this set of commentaries to enhance my understanding of the text and to shed light on difficult passages and questions."
Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Author, Revive Our Hearts Radio Teacher

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