Good Shepherd

FREE Since 1983

Sid Galloway BS, M.Div.
(Biograhical Information)
Just an OLD sheepdog
of our Good Shepherd Creator Christ

Ask the animals,
and they will teach you,
.. Which of all these
does not know
that the LORD's hand
has done this?
In His hand is the
soul (nephesh)
of every creature and the breath of all mankind"
Job 12:7-9

of your
Good Shepherd
Creator: Christ
Human Trafficking & Slavery
Don't Just Happen
(Jesus said in Mark 7:21-23)

Would a "good" God design
"survival of the fittest"
as His WAY?
(Isaiah 65:25)

Rights - Any discussion about human rights (slavery, oppression) or animal rights (cruelty, abuse) must first address our Creator's rights. He has the right to command how we treat both His people and His animals.

Scotty the Good Shepherd
Service Sheepdog

3 Videos Animal Friends * *
Otis ----- Zoe ---- River

Suzy service-dog genius
(more below)

Responsibilities - Jesus said the root cause of suffering in this world is a distorted view of and/or the rejection of the true WAY of our Creator. (John 8:1-59)


"Squirt" the Otter

Releasing rehabbed critters

Atchafalaya Swamp

Mistakes - Man's self-serving, misguided, mischaracterizations of God have historically led to personal and cultural conflict, corruption, and collapse.

Hope - Discovering the WHO?, the WHY?, and the "WAY"? of origins is the foundation for true transformation.

Mike's "service-frog"

Therapy Zorse & Zeedonk

Change - Truly lasting change for individuals and cultures must begin at the cornerstone - the Creator of creation.

Darwin's Self-image
by Mike Galloway

Formal"Boatie" - Lizaboa

"Then I looked again
at all the acts of oppression
which were being done
under the sun.
And behold I saw
the tears
of the oppressed
and that they had
no one to comfort them;
and on the side of their
oppressors was power,
but they had
no one to comfort them."
Ecclesiastes 4:1

Wild Rory - paralyzed by gun shot yet grateful
for loving care


L'l River raccoon


Candy-cane corn snake

Opossum Brothers:
Tom & Jerry

Brother Tom

Animal-Assisted GSI

Scotty my service dog
assistant :-)

Scotty doing his job well

God's living teddy-bears

Missing the old days

My Proverbs 31 wife
meeting my old girlfriend, elephant "Jean"

Old friends Jean & Panya meet my daughter

Jean meets her keeper's son

Mandy Clouded Leopard who saved me from suicide

My morning greeters
Akela & Rakshi
Back in the den they'd beg me to rub their heads
to start the day.

Shiva -my PTSD leopard
raised by humans, terrified of other leopards

Bratar:the cowardly lion

Rani: Bratar's sister :-(

Banu - my favorite comedian who loved to prank people

Candra, Banu's mom

Banu teasing Candra

Byomi asking for a treat

Ali the bitter black panther who learned love

Zoe: disabled squirrel
born with no tail / only 3 feet
- even more lovable

Scotty meets his first gator

Marriage in Christ

Suzy protecting her rescued puppy

Molly the semi-blind Opossum Lady

Little Blue
- transferred to Fed. rehab

Big Red
- gunshot wound

Baby Huey acting tough

Scotty's piggy

Rescuing Stubby
(see his Facebook page)

Audubon Zoo memories

Lizaboa Animal Assistant

David & elephant Panya

Mr. Galloway
Old Sheepdog

Russian Legless Lizard

Hawk - Barron
powerful talons

Otis - hit by car

Little River as a baby

Little River
working on the lock


























GSI - Good Shepherd Initiative - Homepage

NBC Band of Brothers series:

Simple Soul Sharing
for Sheepdogs

Series Outline

1st Month (Feb 4)            CHRIST-CENTERED (Handout):
- Filled and overflowing using your unique gifts, your way, not mine.  

2nd Month (March 4)      FAMILY FIRST (Handout):
- Parents, siblings, wife, kids, extended relatives (yes even that one), …

3rd Month (April 1)          FRIENDS-WORK (Handout):
- Bosses, coworkers, employees under you, customers, …

4th Month (May 6)          COMMUNITY (Handout):
- Neighbors, coffee-shops, stores, restaurants, …
- Cross cultural missions


5th Month (JULY)          WORLD (Handout):
- Email, Facebook, Website, Blogs, Twitter, …


March 4, for only 1 hour from 9 to 10 am
PLACE: Northshore Bible Church
19516 Sunshine Ave, Covington, LA 70433

NBC Band of Brothers,

* DOWN BELOW this intro note, I'll link various resources as the months unfold (handouts, articles, recommended books/videos, and organization websites.

I’m looking forward to facilitating the new five month series of one hour 9 am Saturday morning meetings.  Thanks Seth for offering to me this opportunity to serve. Prayer preparation is the key to everything we do for the Lord, so please be in continual prayer about this series.  And be sure to invite and bring any men the Lord puts on your heart.

The focus of this series will be on witnessing, but not the way that might first come to your mind.  As brother Jerry said in a recent sermon about Matthew 9:35-38, the need (harvest) is great and our Father wants to use us to reach the souls of other men who are ready (ripe) to receive.  In that same passage, as Jerry mentioned, Jesus was motivated with deep compassion for the lost, weary, and scattered sheep who had no shepherd.  He is the Good Shepherd, guys, and we are His SHEEPDOGS.  Perhaps more than ever before in history, Satan, the anti-shepherd wolf, has powerful weapons (modern media, arrogant academia, and predatory “pastors”) to deceive, lead astray, and destroy vulnerable sheep who need sheepdogs to rescue them.

Sadly, I’ve seen some LESS than biblical ways taught and used for “evangelism”.  Many are pushy and insensitive, while others are canned, cookie cutter programs that turn people away from Christ.  My hope and prayer is to help encourage and equip us in the profoundly simple, soul-sharing, principles of our Good Shepherd, Savior, Christ – His Way, NOT mine. Not only His Way, but also adapted to each of your unique packages of abilities and disabilities.  Christ in His wisdom has given us practical principles that can work through any personality and any background. Whether you’re verbal or the silent type, can quote a bunch of verses or simply know the core basics, have the gift of teaching or the gift of mercy and service, your Lord wants to reach other men through you.

Please pray for our Father to make a way for all those who can to be able to attend.  Now at 60, it’s been amazing watching how the world, the flesh, and the devil can bring up hindrances and temptations.  The enemy wants to keep men of God from gathering for prayerful study of Scripture.  Satan does all he can to prevent us from more powerfully serving the purposes of Christ our Lord in this increasingly corrupt world.  Our wives, children, friends, and neighbors need us to step up as sheepdogs to rescue those the wolves are after. 

Think about it guys, almost nothing will keep you from showing up to watch the three-hour Super Bowl.  Imagine what could happen if brothers of Christ will make the same commitment to our Father’s purposes and priorities.

Please pray without ceasing, especially for the Lord to use me in spite of my limitations.  Invite other men as our Father leads, and arrange to pick them up if you think they might over sleep.

Please keep praying guys and invite men as our Father leads.
Gratefully and prayerfully,
Just an OLD sheepdog of our Good Shepherd, Christ



- OUTLINE PDF for the series
- IDENTITY OF A REAL-MAN (free Power Point 78 slides)
- HIS GOSPEL: Your Hope

- APOLOGETICS:Defending Christ's Honor
- CHRIST'S WAY OF LIFE vs. Evil-utions Way of Death

OTHER STUFF (usually better :-)

- REAL CHRISTIANITY, by William Wilberforce 1797. Wilberforece was the central intrument of God to end trans-Atlantic slavery. It was originally entitled, A Practical View of the Prevailing Religious System of Professed Christians, in the Higher and Middle Classes in This Country Contrasted with Real Christianity. This small updated book for the modern reader is a relevant today as it was in the 18th century. It explains why "Christians" and "churches" in affluent countries often fail to impact the world around them for Christ.

- Why Every Christian Should be a Sheepdog by Det. J. Warner Wallace, an American homicide detective and Christian apologist. He has authored several books, including Cold-Case Christianity and God’s Crime Scene.

- On Sheep Wolves & Sheepdogs, by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman
* see also Sheepdog Training Seminars for churches by Grossman.
* Dave is an internationally recognized scholar, author, soldier and speaker who is one of the world’s foremost experts in the field of human aggression and the roots of violence and violent crime. He is a former West Point psychology professor, Professor of Military Science, and an Army Ranger who has combined his experiences to become the founder of a new field of scientific endeavor, which has been termed “killology.” In this new field Col. Grossman has made revolutionary new contributions to our understanding of killing in war, the psychological costs of war, the root causes of the current “virus” of violent crime that is raging around the world, and the process of healing the victims of violence, in war and peace. He is the author of On Killing, which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.
* see also Dave's youth book, Sheepdogs: Meet Our Nation's Warriors

- YOUTUBE 10 min. How to Witness across the Racial Divide.
* An interview with a corrupt "white" cop and the "black" man he framed, and how the good news of Christ's forgiveness can work a miracle.